Open Hearts Podcast podcast

Open Hearts Podcast

Brooke Bartz and Erin Coates

Join Brooke Bartz and Erin Coates co/hosting Open Hearts podcast, a show dedicated to teaching and encourage women to live life verse by verse, and all the more as we see the Day approaching.

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  • Open Hearts Podcast podcast



    We all have beginnings. In this first episode of the Open Hearts Series Brooke and Erin talk about their beginnings. Beginning with their salvation, the beginning of their friendship, and the beginning of the Open Hearts Podcast that will encourage women to live life verse by verse.You can find the 2 Timothy study notes here: down you’ll find them under “2 Timothy” written by Women of Grace at GraceLife Church.Follow Erin on social media here: Instagram:’s Ministry: Brooke’s book, or follow her on social media here:Instagram: Love: Hearts is so thankful for our graphic designer! You can find more of her beautiful designs here: https://www.genuinelyginger.comTo watch our Book Club and Aftershow Bonus Episode check out AGTV: https://www.watchagtv.comWe’re so all so grateful for the support Carpe Fide has shown to the Coates family, if you want to see more about their shirts you can find them here: https://carpe-fide.myshopify.comFor more information about Open Hearts, or to subscribe to the monthly news letter, check out our website here:
  • Open Hearts Podcast podcast

    Seeing Affliction As Light


    How can Paul say that our afflictions are light and momentary? Join us today on the LIT podcast  as we look at how we as Christians, endure affliction faithfully knowing that an eternal weight of glory awaits usOur Executive Producer is Lee Jones of fellow BAR Network podcast Guys With Bibles.
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  • Open Hearts Podcast podcast

    Comfort In This World


    Where do we go for comfort amidst trials, suffering, persecution? The world offers no true help for these issues. Listen to what the Apostle Paul teaches us about where we should our greatest hope. We will look at the verse 2nd Corinthians 4:16.Our Executive Producer is Lee Jones of fellow BAR Network podcast Guys With Bibles.
  • Open Hearts Podcast podcast

    Car Talk- “The Spud is now a dud"


    Remember Mr Potatohead and his bucket of fun? Well, he has undergone some changes thanks to the Equality Act. Join us as we look at the desensitization to the LGBTQ agenda as well as the danger of the Equality Act.Link to the article they discussed in this Car Talk!
  • Open Hearts Podcast podcast

    The Whole Holiness of God (pt. 2) - Proper Fear, Impossible Response


    Even when man is confronted with God's holiness his natural response to redesign God into his own image in order to make Him more pallatable. Come with us back to Mt Sinai and see how Israel came to the proper fear, yet could not respond as God had called them to.Check out this great resource: Family Worship: In the Bible, in History & in Your Home (by Don Whitney).Our Executive Producer is Lee Jones of fellow BAR Network podcast Guys With Bibles.
  • Open Hearts Podcast podcast

    Car Talk - Don’t Leave Your Ecclesiology at the Door


    A reaction to the persecution of Pastor James Coates
  • Open Hearts Podcast podcast

    The Whole Holiness of God (pt 1)


    Brad and Brooke begin their series on the Whole Holiness of God.
  • Open Hearts Podcast podcast

    Truth in the Family


    Join us for our introductory episode where we discuss what our podcast is all about.
  • Open Hearts Podcast podcast



    Join Brad and Brooke Bartz on their new show LIT: Lead In Truth as they discuss current issues that face the church and the Christian family, and encourage you to apply biblical truth in your own life.

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