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Let's Get Spiritual

Ken Duggan

Spiritual insights from 2 seasoned veterans.

49 Episodes

  • Let's Get Spiritual podcast

    Light vs Dark: Episode 2


    We struggle with audio problems and other mishaps but venture forward with our subject. There seems to be a force that always opposes our discussion of this subject matter. S listen and learn and laugh.
  • Let's Get Spiritual podcast

    Light vs Darkness


    With less than two weeks until Halloween, Dr. D and Brother T candidly discuss the eternal conflict between darkness and the light. What does it mean to walk in the light? Are there examples of the confrontation of light against darkness in the Bible? Get ready to laugh hard and learn.  
  • Let's Get Spiritual podcast

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  • Let's Get Spiritual podcast

    Is the Church Broken? Part Three Is the Church Too Complex?


    This is the last of three podcasts that asks if the church is broken. If it is, can I be fixed? You will be surprised by some of the answers and remedies offered.
  • Let's Get Spiritual podcast

    Is the Church Broken? Is it Too Much for the Individual?


    This is the second episode that asks if the church is broken? Last week we tackled the idea that the church has become too commercialized. This week the whole idea of meeting the wants of a consumer is scrutinized by our two seasoned veterans. Obviously, this topic may not be as controversial as bigfoot, UFOs, or the Covid vaccine, but it may be more relevant. If the church were not broken then it would have a stronger and more positive influence on culture. What do we do?  
  • Let's Get Spiritual podcast

    Is the Church Broken?


    Does an unbelieving world have reason to be critical of the Christian church? Is this what God had in mind when Christ declared, "I will build my church, and the gates of hades shall not prevail against it" Listen as we candidly and honestly discuss where the church is broken.
  • Let's Get Spiritual podcast

    Let's Get Spiritual Celebrates 1 Year of Podcasts


    Let's party. Our podcast has been going for a year and has surpassed 5,000 downloads. Today we re-visit the most popular topics of the last year and update our thoughts on each. We are also giving away a copy of Dr. D's book, Devotions in the Dark: Encouraging Words for Hard Times. Just email Brother T at pastortonylwilson@yahoo.com and tell us how this podcast has encouraged or helped you this past year. We'll announce the winner next week.
  • Let's Get Spiritual podcast

    Christian Counseling: Is it Spiritual?


    What is the difference between Christian counseling and secular counseling? Are pastors/priests/elders quipped or called to do Christian counseling? Is counseling even warranted by the Bible? We dig deep into these questions as well as discuss some of the manipulations that can occur from unscrupulous Christian and secular counselors. 
  • Let's Get Spiritual podcast

    Is the Devil in the Details?


    How important are the small decisions you make? Does God direct our every movement? Does He care about what we eat, where we leave, or the car we drive? Does Satan influence our decisions? We discuss those things and many more in this podcast.
  • Let's Get Spiritual podcast

    We Can WORK It Out


    Is work a result of the FALL? Is there any spiritual prohibition against retirement? Does the Bible prohibit women from working? As we approach Labor Day Dr. D and Bro. T examines the spiritual side of making a living.
  • Let's Get Spiritual podcast

    What Does It Mean to be Holy?


    Is holiness a movement? Do holiness and sinlessness mean the same thing? Can you measure holiness in others by what they wear, how they talk, or what they eat or drink? 

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