L.A.M.E. Podcast podcast

L.A.M.E. Podcast

LAME Podcast

Marxist and Materialist analysis of the happenings in Lexington, KY with the occasional urban geography perspective

35 Episodes

  • L.A.M.E. Podcast podcast

    E33 2021.10.19: A Defense of Overhead Powerlines


    In which we talk about the new soccer league coming to Lexington, tree removal, and the larger issue of one private corporation running one of our most critical utilities. On side B we talk about the Unity Aluminum Mill, and some minor state news updates. Follow us on twitter: @LAMEpod Email us: LexLAMEpod@gmail.com
  • L.A.M.E. Podcast podcast

    E32 2021.10.01: Local PsyOpers #32

    In which we give an update on the Heaven Hill strike, the Ford and SK plant, and new strategy employed by a local PsyOp. Follow us on twitter: @LAMEpod Email us: lexLAMEpod@gmail.com Contribute to the strike fund! @ufcwlocal23d mattaubrey.ufcw23d@yahoo.com
  • L.A.M.E. Podcast podcast

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  • L.A.M.E. Podcast podcast

    E31 2021.09.24: Staff Book Club


    In which we discuss the National Guard in Chandler, multiple bomb threats to FCPS, an update to the Legacy Trail (spoilers: it's not done), and an exciting piece of news from the KY theater. On side B the LAME staff talks about their fall reading pick: Marx's Wage Labor and Capital Follow along with the slides: https://lamepod.neocities.org/index.html Follow us on Twitter: @LAMEpod Email us for stickers! lexLAMEpod@gmail.com
  • L.A.M.E. Podcast podcast

    E30 2021.09.17: Austerity Pizza


    In which we talk about more covid closures affecting schools in Lexington, the latest tik tok trends, a STRIKE ALERT at the Heaven Hill Distillery, and we say goodbye to ADUs from the latest city council meeting :( On Side B we talk about the special session of the KY General Assembly day by day, and discuss the latest plan to vaccinate residents of Clay County. Attend the DSA picnic this Sunday! 1-4pm at Castlewood Park Music this week is Unda by Edoy
  • L.A.M.E. Podcast podcast

    E29 2021.09.07: A Contract With a View


    Join us for take 2 of this week's episode of LAME: brought to you in two parts. On Side A, we talk about record numbers of covid cases, school closures, zoning changes, and potentially nefarious property management deals. On Side B, we sum up what's been going on in Frankfort with the latest edition of FAME. The KY General Assembly is in a special session today and has been very productive so far. Email us at LexLAMEpod@gmail.com Follow us on twitter: @LAMEpod Attend the protest this weekend! fb.me/e/1ac3uf5M1 EDITOR'S NOTE: We would like to make it known that Berea College is not a public university
  • L.A.M.E. Podcast podcast

    E28 2021.08.27: What if ADUs were real? Feat. Blake Hall


    In which we launch our jihad against the drones plaguing the sidewalks around Lexington. We also bring up the shopping cart problem facing Lexington and Councilmember Kloiber is on the case! On side B we talk about ADUs (accessory dwelling units) and the headaches that surround their development. Send us your tipped robot pictures and get a sticker! @LAMEpod on twitter LexLAMEpod@gmail.com Follow Blake Hall on Twitter: @BlakeSHall Here are resources from Hood to the Holler if you need assistance with evictions: https://twitter.com/hoodtotheholler/status/1431299336407855104
  • L.A.M.E. Podcast podcast

    E27 2021.08.20: Lexington Gentocracy


    We talk about covid spikes, bus cancellations, the end of assistance, and the re-election of everyone's favorite mayor. On side B we talk about updates to the KSU story, western kentucky, and mask mandates. Don't forget to do the ARPA survey: lexingtonky.gov/arpa Attend the District 11 ARPA Town Hall: https://www.lexingtonky.gov/meeting-notices/15820/11th-district-community-meeting-arpa-hosted-councilmember-reynolds
  • L.A.M.E. Podcast podcast

    E26 2021.08.12: Don't Call a Councilor on Vacation


    ARPA Survey ----> lexingtonky.gov/arpa Take it and request an office of cooperative employment Let it be known that the grocery store Erin was trying to think of was Publix Join on on Side A for a foray into the Republican death cult, an update on FCPS schools starting, Lextran news, and more. On Side B we talk about the closure of Legacy Trail and just how powerless we are against Amazon Follow us on twitter: @LAMEpod Email us: lexLAMEpod@gmail.com Stickers by Claire Thompson: clairethompsonart.com
  • L.A.M.E. Podcast podcast

    E25 2021.07.30: Coldstream was an Inside Job


    Jenry tackles all violent crime, the masks they're back baby, UK actively destroys housing stock from Lexington during a housing crisis. On side B we talk about strange protests meetings in Frankfort, and the many shenanigans(crimes) at KSU. Email us at: LexLAMEpod@gmail.com Follow us on twitter: @LAMEpod Sign up for the Justice for North Fork Yard Sale and Picnic Lexington Renting Assistance Louisville: stopmyeviction.org Call 502-783-7211 Email: caclex2000@gmail.com Lexington ARPA Survey
  • L.A.M.E. Podcast podcast

    E24 2021.07.23: Apples, Again


    In which we discuss matrices, road expansions, and the gang reporting in the Herald-Leader. Join us on side B for an in-depth overview of Steve Kay's blog and another KY republican power grab. Email us: LexLAMEpod@gmail.com Follow us on Twitter: @LAMEpod Register for the Lexington DSA rally tomorrow here Subscribe to the Rona Roberts and Steve Kay newsletter

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