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William Beutler, Renan Borelli

A limited series podcast exploring the filmography of Stanley Kubrick. Hosts William Beutler and Renan Borelli focus on one film per episode, tell the story behind each, and attempt to explain what made Kubrick one of the most-admired filmmakers of all time.

35 Episodes

  • KubrickCast podcast



    Hey wait, what did we do with KubrickCast? Well, KubrickCast has come to the end its natural run. But we have great news! Bill and Renan are picking up where they left off with an all-new show that should appeal to you, the KubrickCast subscriber. The new show is ENTER THE VOID about what we might call "mindfuck movies". You can subscribe at http://enterthevoidpodcast.libsyn.com/rss but we're also publishing the first episode of ENTER THE VOID to this feed. But only this one! To join us on our dis ____ It's the debut episode of Enter The Void! We hope you're as excited to talk about crazy, mind-altering films as we are. And we'll kick things off with... S1E1: Film: Phantom of the Paradise (1974) Director: Brian DePalma Starring: William Finley, Paul Williams, Jessica Harper Links: IMDb: Phantom of the Paradise Wikipedia: Phantom of the Paradise The Dissolve: The devil's bargains and unsparing satire of Phantom of the Paradise Rocky Music: Soundtrack lyrics  
  • KubrickCast podcast

    The Final Episode


    At long last, the final scheduled episode of KubrickCast. This time around, Bill and Renan rank Stanley Kubrick's filmography by several categories, and then count down their top ten. (1:29:13)
  • KubrickCast podcast

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  • KubrickCast podcast

    Listener Suggestions


    The penultimate scheduled episode of KubrickCast takes up listener suggestions, and covers many more Shining-derived online videos, other Kubrick podcasts to check out, and what's next for Bill and Renan in podcasting. (1:00:27)
  • KubrickCast podcast

    Making The Shining


    KubrickCast returns today after taking summer vacation to review a film made by a Kubrick... but not Stanley Kubrick. It's Making The Shining (1980), a made-for-TV documentary short filmed and directed by Kubrick daughter Vivian Kubrick. Making The Shining takes viewers backstage of The Shining, famously showing glimpses of Shelley Duvall's difficult time on set, Jack Nicholson as the most famous goofball in the world, and a rare glimpse of the legendary Kubrick in action. (43:22)
  • KubrickCast podcast

    Mashups + Supercuts


    After a brief hiatus, Bill and Renan are back to talking about films again, but this time it's all about your films—or videos, more properly—the mashups, supercuts and fan edits available on YouTube, Vimeo and elsewhere. Which are good? Which are great? Which are terrible but still fun to talk about? Plus, our hosts provide their personal top-five rankings. (59:17)
  • KubrickCast podcast

    Kubrick and Music w/ Christine Lee Gengaro


    This week Bill and Renan are joined by Christine Lee Gengaro, author of Listening to Stanley Kubrick: The Music in His Films. Topics discussed: how Christine decided on Kubrick as a musical subject; the research process; things you never knew about Kubrick's scoring process; how to pronounce all of these European composers' names; who else is killing it in music and film thes days; plus a little bit about Back to the Future. (1:15:57)
  • KubrickCast podcast

    Stanley Kubrick's Boxes


    In this episode, Bill and Renan discuss the Jon Ronson documentary Stanley Kubrick's Boxes (2008) about the late film director's extensive archive of materials from his films, stored in boxes across his Hertfordshire estate. Plus, Bill tells the story of seeing Ronson screen the film in Brooklyn, and apologizes for what came next. (54:04)
  • KubrickCast podcast

    A.I. Artificial Intelligence (Part 2)


    In part two of our discussion about A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001), Bill and Renan debate what belongs to Spielberg and what belongs to Kubrick; what critics thought of the film, and how your interpretation of the ending plays into your view of the film overall. (59:10)
  • KubrickCast podcast

    A.I. Artificial Intelligence (Part 1)


    It's the first overtime episode of KubrickCast! With all canon Kubrick films behind us, we start exploring related topics with the closest thing to an unreleased mix tape: Steven Spielberg's A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001). In this episode, we discuss Kubrick's development of the project in the 1970s and 80s to his efforts in the 1990s to get Spielberg to take it up. Also: David's programming and functionality, a rant. (56:53)
  • KubrickCast podcast

    Eyes Wide Shut (Part 2)


    In the final regular season episode of KubrickCast, Bill and Renan discuss the music of Eyes Wide Shut (1999), the controversy surrounding its release, the controversy surrounding th film reviews, Kubrick's many nods to his earlier films, the possibly apocryphal phenomenon of "Eyes Wide Shut parties" and, of course, the Illuminati. (1:16:44)

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