Kitchen Brain Podcast podcast

Kitchen Brain Podcast

Hosted by Mike Matarazzo

Host and Chef Michael Matarazzo interviews Chefs, industry professionals, and mental health experts to bring light to the inner workings of professional kitchens and the Chefs who run them.

12 Episodes

  • Kitchen Brain Podcast podcast

    Defining Balance


    In this micro episode, Mike lends his perspective on Balance Kitchen Brain Website Chefs for Change Facebook Group Be Better Culinary Perspectives Website  
  • Kitchen Brain Podcast podcast

    S:1 E:10 Bryan Skelding


    Chef Bryan Skelding is the Executive Chef of the renowned Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, WV.  In addition to leading a massive brigade, Bryan also oversees one of the oldest and most prestigious Culinary Apprenticeship programs in the world.  In this episode, Skelding talks about his career path through the industry, the evolution of his leadership style, and how he has made positive changes to preserve the relevance of the Apprenticeship program. The Greenbrier Website: Bryan Skelding's Instagram: Kitchen Brain Podcast Website: Kitchen Brain Podcast Instagram: Mike Matarazzo Instagram: Be Better Culinary Perspectives Website:  
  • Kitchen Brain Podcast podcast

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  • Kitchen Brain Podcast podcast

    S:1 E:9 Lindsey Ofcacek


    Lindsey Ofcacek is both a co-founder and the director for The LEE Initiative, which launched in late 2017 and has a mission of addressing issues of diversity and equality in the restaurant industry. Since launching The LEE Initiative, Ofcacek has created several programs under its umbrella, including Women Chefs of KY; Restaurant Workers Relief Program; Restaurant Reboot Relief Program; Regrow; and McAtee Community Kitchen. Prior to starting The LEE Initiative, Ofcacek worked with Chef Edward Lee at 610 Magnolia as the general manager and wine director. Ofcacek has worked in almost every part of the food business, from farming and distribution to cooking and managing. Prior to joining the team at 610 Magnolia, Ofcacek helped open Decca, working as the front of house manager and then events manager. She has devoted years of tireless work in the local food community. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons, listening to records, and hosting dinner parties inspired by Martha Stewart. Lee Initiative Website Lee Initiative Instagram Edward Lee Instagram Kitchen Brain Podcast Website Kitchen Brain Podcast Instagram Mike Matarazzo Instagram Be Better Culinary Perspectives Website  
  • Kitchen Brain Podcast podcast

    S:1 E:8 Joseph Leonardi, CMC


    Joe Leonardi is a Certified Master Chef and the Director of Culinary Operations at The Country Club in Brookline, MA.  He recently fell in love with Beekeeping and has started his own business, Leonardi Apiary and Garden in which he produces unique, sustainable, high quality products from the honey and wax that he harvest from his hives.  In this episode Joe takes us deep into his journey to become a Certified Master Chef and also teaches us a bit about the world of beekeeping and how he is turning this new passion into a unique business model. Leonardi Apiary and Garden Website Leonardi Apiary and Garden Instagram American Master Chefs Order Website Kitchen Brain Podcast Website Kitchen Brain Podcast YouTube Channel Kitchen Brain Podcast Instagram Be Better Culinary Perspectives Website  
  • Kitchen Brain Podcast podcast

    S:1 E:7 Tyler Teass


    Tyler Teass is the Chef/Owner of Al + Mae's in Crozet, VA.  Earlier in his career he worked his way through the kitchens of Charlottesville and eventually became the Executive Sous Chef of Rose's Luxury in DC and was part of the team when they earned their first Michelin Star.  After starting a family and some self reflection, Tyler decided to return home and start Al + Mae's which offers off site catering, in home catering and custom menus to provide a unique dining experience from a very talented Chef. Al + Mae's Website Al + Mae's Instagram Kitchen Brain Podcast Website Kitchen Brain YouTube Channel Kitchen Brain Instagram  
  • Kitchen Brain Podcast podcast

    S:1 E:6 Mariana Delgado Gambini Prough


    Host Mike Matarazzo interviews co-owner of Chantilly Patisserie in Bronxville, NY, Mariana Delgado Gambini Prough.  During the interview Mariana discusses the struggles that she faced earlier in her career as a female in a professional kitchen and how she overcame those struggles.  The two also get into other hot topics like toxic leadership styles and their mutual feelings toward restaurant reviewing websites like Trip Advisor and Yelp. All episodes are also available on Youtube  Kitchen Brain Instagram Chantilly Patisserie Website Chantilly Instagram    
  • Kitchen Brain Podcast podcast

    S:1 E:5 Rose Picard


    In this episode Mike interviews United States Army Sergeant First Class Retired, Rose Picard.  Rose is full of inspiration and tells her story of transitioning from Executive Pastry Chef of a Casino to joining the Army at age 39.  She also shares her battle with breast cancer while stationed at the Pentagon and how she was able to keep moving forward to many accomplishments including professional certifications and several medals in culinary and pastry competition. 
  • Kitchen Brain Podcast podcast

    S:1 E:4 Jeff Potter


    Jeff Potter is the Executive Chef of 610 Magnolia by Edward Lee in Louisville, KY.  In this episode Jeff discusses what it is like to be the Executive Chef of a restaurant with a big headliner name on front.  We also get into the mindset of today's diners and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected 610 Magnolia and the Louisville area.
  • Kitchen Brain Podcast podcast

    S:1 E:3 Mark Noguchi


    Chef Mark Noguchi is Co-Founder of Pili Group and ChefHui and an educator at Punahou School in Hawaii.  This interview is full of insight and humor from a Giant in the Hawaiian food scene.
  • Kitchen Brain Podcast podcast

    S:1 E:2 Annette Whittley


    Annette Whittley, Consultant and Search Executive for Kopplin Kuebler, and Wallace and Trainer for Four Seasons Resorts tells the story of her late husband Mark Whittley for the first time.  Mark had a thriving career with Four Seasons as a Chef and eventually switched over to being a Purchasing Director.  Things took a tragic turn on Christmas Day in 2017, when Mark took his own life.  This is a story of love, loss, and courage told by a woman with great strength.  This is a very important episode, with a powerful message for anyone in the hospitality industry.

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