Keeping It Real by Gabriela M.C. podcast

Keeping It Real by Gabriela M.C.

Gabriela M. C./motivational speaker and mentor

Let's have private conversations out loud. Let's talk about finances, marital problems, mental illness, guilty pleasures, sex, feminism, and all the things we struggle with. We're all going through it, might as well talk about it!

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  • Keeping It Real by Gabriela M.C. podcast



    At one point I thought that my sociology was just what I ended up choosing in order to graduate from college to avoid disappointing my parents. What was I supposed to do with a sociology degree? I mean I liked the classes and what I learned about human behavior and society in general, but what kind of jobs would I be able to apply for? I didn't think my degree would take me place or give me a life of luxury. Not until recently, after opening my own business, did I realize that my sociology degree set a strong foundation for everything I've accomplished thus far. Tune in for a more in-depth explanation and for strategies you too can use in your entrepreneurial aspirations :) For more content check out my other social media platforms:  TikTok: gabrielamcee YouTube: gabrielamcee Instagram: gabrielamcee 
  • Keeping It Real by Gabriela M.C. podcast

    Risking it All: A First Gen Latina's Perspective on Marriage and Business


    Hi podcast fam! I missed being on here and I can say with about 70% confidence that I'm getting my life together. (Watch life throw a curveball right after this lol). Thank you once again for tuning in! On this episode I make a contrast between marriage and having your own business. Just remember that before you say "I do" and signing your life away, make sure you make plans for YOUR LIFE.  @gabrielamcee  Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok 
  • Keeping It Real by Gabriela M.C. podcast

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  • Keeping It Real by Gabriela M.C. podcast

    Surviving a Pandemic


    Anxiety is at an all-time high right now and a lot more visible during this current COVID-19 pandemic. Tune into this podcast to hear my thoughts on what you need to get through any crisis and how to prepare yourself to get past it successfully. Thank you for giving me your time and hope you are all staying safe!   IG: @gabrielamcee TikTok: gabrielamcee YouTube: Gabrielamcee 
  • Keeping It Real by Gabriela M.C. podcast

    Why you're NOT making progress


    Welcome back! On this episode I go over the different reasons you are stuck in the same place every year and what you can finally do to change that. I make various references to the book "Atomic Habits," by James Clear in this podcast and highly recommend it for anyone that is trying to make real and sustainable changes in their lives. Thank you for supporting the podcast and please remember to share this episode with someone you think might find it useful!    Instagram: gabrielamcee TikTok: gabrielamcee 
  • Keeping It Real by Gabriela M.C. podcast

    Starting your own business-Phase 2


    Everyone tells you to "do your research" but what exactly does that look like today? Tune in to find out what I did for Postres Cafe and what tools you can use for your own business concept!    Instagram: @gabrielamcee  Youtube: gabrielamcee  email: [email protected] 
  • Keeping It Real by Gabriela M.C. podcast

    10 things I wish I knew BEFORE getting married


    If you're in a committed relationship and thinking of signing a legally-binding federal form please listen to this podcast first :)    IG: @gabrielamcee  email: [email protected]  YouTube: gabrielamcee 
  • Keeping It Real by Gabriela M.C. podcast



    FEAR unfortunately will stop us from doing most of what will bring us the biggest joy in our lives. Fear is a good thing. It's supposed to keep us safe, but too many times we will also let it keep us from trying to do something different, new, or exciting. Don't let fear keep you from exploring new things and ideas. There's incredible things waiting for you on the other side of fear :)   Thank you for sharing this podcast! It means the world to me. God bless! 
  • Keeping It Real by Gabriela M.C. podcast

    Tips for Reducing Anxiety


    Welcome back to another episode! Thank you for tuning in and sharing this podcast with your friends and family. Mental health is a very personal thing, and although I'm open about it, I understand that many of you are not and that is okay. Don't feel obligated to be vocal about your struggles with everyone, but do reach out when you feel you are struggling to cope. It's something we all deal with in one way or another. Sending you all a big hug and lots of positive vibes.     
  • Keeping It Real by Gabriela M.C. podcast

    Fraud at UCLA?


    This episode is on the "Varsity Blues" scandal that involves prestigious universities across the U.S. As an alumni, it hit home for me and well here we are. Thank you for listening and sharing the podcast! 
  • Keeping It Real by Gabriela M.C. podcast



    Just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for tuning in and sharing the podcast. I'm humbled that you guys are interested in what I'm up to and I really hope this podcast is adding to your growth or at least entertaining you and keeping your mind off of things for a little while. God bless! 

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