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Jollyville Radio

Michael Crosa

A radio broadcast from the semi-fictional town of Jollyville with sketches and vignettes from the town voiced by a full cast. Each episode ends by featuring real people serving their communities in the real world.

67 Episodes

  • Jollyville Radio podcast

    Episode 3.04 - Storyteller


    Michael Crosa, Brian Green, and Bob Daun chat about the episode; Julia Stonewash leads a call-in show with Miss Information; a stranger comes to town during an episode of Happenins at Hungry Bob's; UncleASAR interviews Wesley Pepper from Johannesburg, South Africa during Community Beat. More information about Wesley Pepper and his podcast can be found here:  The Split Stone Saga, an idea started by our friends Bob Daun and Jon C. Cook and offered as an invitation to the world can be found here:
  • Jollyville Radio podcast

    Bonus Episode - Remembering Henri d'Arcy


    Michelle d'Arcy (voice of Kitty Westlake, Grumpy Sue, Roberta Twiggs, Rory Barker, and more) tells Michael and ASAR about meeting her husband, Henri.
  • Jollyville Radio podcast

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  • Jollyville Radio podcast

    Episode 3.03 - The Tri-Cities Ag Center


    Confusion reigns at the Jollyville-Malakoff-Staverton Tri-Cities Ag Center as the Jollyville State Fair and Malakoff Renaissance Festival discover that they've been double booked. UncleASAR interviews Dr. Allen Pratt of the National Rural Education Association. Find more on their website here.  You can also check out their podcast, National Rural Education Association Official Podcast anywhere you listen.
  • Jollyville Radio podcast

    Bonus Episode - Victim Services Unit Unabridged Interview


    In Episode 3.02, certain topics were cut in an effort to keep the episode light. However, we felt the information was important and worth sharing, so here is in the unabridged interview with Linda Anderson of the Travis County Sheriff Victim Services Unit. Content Warning that the conversation talks about crime victimization, death, and violence. No detailed descriptions or specific examples are discussed.
  • Jollyville Radio podcast

    Episode 3.02 - Jollympics


    Emily Ancinec, UncleASAR, and Michaels Crosa and Stanley welcome the show; KJVR provides exclusive coverage of the Jollympic games; UncleASAR tries to buy a coffee; Residents leave reviews for local businesses on JELLP; Pilar makes a phone call; UncleASAR interviews Linda Anderson of the Travis County Sheriff's Office Victim Services Unit.
  • Jollyville Radio podcast

    Episode 3.01 - The Books


    Michael Crosa, Brian Green, and Kay Wise-Denty chat about starting Season 3; The citizens of Jollyville audition for the part of Matthew McConaughey; Little Appalachian Soup Boy gives a review; some guy uses a job interview to practice his stand-up routine; Emily Ancinec talks with UncleASAR on Community Beat about her work with Junior League and supporting the National Book Festival.
  • Jollyville Radio podcast

    Bonus Episode - Andreuccio of Perugia


    Our friend Bob, host of the aptly named Bob's Short Story Hour, is doing a really cool project where he's publishing selections from a very old piece of Italian literature called The Decameron. The book has ten sets of ten short stories, and Bob has invited his collaborators to take turns reading stories. Bob just published the second installment of this series, and it's the first to feature a Jollyville voice. I thought I would give you a taste of what's goin on over there! You can find this clip in Bob's Short Story Hour Episode 99, and I really hope you'll check out the others. You can find that podcast anywhere you listen to Jollyville Radio, as well as at If you'd like to read a Decameron story, let us know and we'd love to get you in touch with Bob! Season 3 of Jollyville Radio will be coming out soon! Cheers! Michael
  • Jollyville Radio podcast

    Bonus Episode - Musical Bob Ross (Instrumental)


    The instrumental cut of the "Musical Bob Ross" skit from Episode 227. Created by Michael Crosa, with additional voices from the cast of Jollyville Radio. 
  • Jollyville Radio podcast

    Episode 228 - Celebrating One Year


    Michael Crosa introduces the show; Dr. Mondegreen collects songs for the late night request show; UncleASAR interviews Coach Jordan Bell from F45 Training Jollyville. Please join us in the breakroom for sandwiches from Shaky Girl Coffee after Community Beat to celebrate one year of Jollyville Radio. For Dr. Mondegreen's playlist on Spotify, click here: Follow F45 Training Jollyville on Instagram: More great podcasts in the Pizza Rice Podcasting Collaborative can be found at
  • Jollyville Radio podcast

    Episode 227 - Focus


    Carey Gardiner welcomes the show; please headphones for the optimal listening experience; UncleASAR interviews Pat Haines-Ainsworth of Winking Kat Tales; KJVR shares a deleted scene from Season 1. Wining Kat Tales can be found anywhere you listen to podcasts or at

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