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Melyssa Ford

“My dating life MUST be part of God’s cosmic gag reel.” Putting a comedic (and real life) spin on the title, Melyssa Ford’s new podcast reflects the difficulties she, and most women, experience in their dating lives. Wanting to expand the conversation to include topics that relate to ‘Today’s Everywoman”, she is joined by various cohosts where they will share their thoughts, opinions and experiences on trending topics in a long form discussion. So grab a glass of wine, take off your bra and get comfy because these ladies are diving head first into some deep sh*t and unpacking some heavy baggage.

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    7: Let God Be Your Therapist featuring Ariane Davis


    Ariane Davis first came to the public’s attention on Love & Hip Hop, the Atlanta franchise.  As tumultuous as the show and all of its characters  were, Ariane seemed to breeze past the drama, maintains an air of mystery.  On today’s episode of I’m Here For The Food, she gives a more revealing look into her time on the show, what talents she’d really like to be known for and the role God has played in her life and what’s gotten her through this crazy year 2020.
  • I'm Here for The Food podcast

    2: Mya: A Woman on a Mission


    On today’s episode of I’m Here For The Food we catch up with the multi hyphenated and multi talented singer Mya Harrison, otherwise known as Mya. She’s not only an award winning singer and songwriter, who produces and distributes her own albums, she’s an accomplished dancer and choreographer, actress and philanthropist. But what’s most notable about Mya is how fiercely private she is. Rarely does she give interviews or divulge tidbits about her personal life.  Tune in to find out what Mya reveals, from her thoughts on being a veteran of 20+ years in the Entertainment Business, hard lessons she’s learned and what passions fuel her drive. You don’t want to miss this!
  • I'm Here for The Food podcast

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  • I'm Here for The Food podcast

    29: Season Two: Welcome Back, Foodies


    Trigger warning: The following episode may be difficult to listen to. It’s no secret to the HFTF family and friends that our host Melyssa lost her mother this year, after a short but aggressive battle with Colon Cancer. She publicly shared her pain and mental anguish, knowing that by sharing her experience, others in similar pain would feel seen and understood.   On the premier episode since her return, along with a surprise guest, find out the ways that Melyssa is learning to cope with her new normal and the things she’s learned about Love, Loss and the ways in which to live a fully examined LIFE along the way. (Bring a box of tissue with the wine, folks)
  • I'm Here for The Food podcast

    28: Saying Goodbye... For Now


    This episode is dedicated to Oksana Barbara Raisa Ford, Melyssa’s mother. She passed at 12:45pm on Tuesday May 19th, 2020. This episode is to update the Foodies and loyal listeners on the status of the show, pending Melyssa’s return. Thank you ALL so much for your tremendous support in this journey.
  • I'm Here for The Food podcast

    27: Self Love is the Best Love ft. Mercedes Coffman


    We are living in strange times these days. Sheltering in Place, forced to quarantine while watching a constant news cycle of a rising death toll due to a virus we are receiving so much conflicting information on. Our “fight or flight” instinct we all have is on high alert. With so much to worry about I ask you this: How much time are YOU devoting to caring for YOURSELF? It’s a natural instinct to want to help others, love others but sometimes to your own detriment. My guest on this episode is Mercedes Coffman, psychotherapist and Licensed Marriage and Family therapist. May is National Mental Health Awareness Month so I couldn’t think of a better time to unpack this loaded subject with an additional discussion about love and the development of healthy relationships.  Links mentioned: 3 Day Water Fast: https://www.whitneyerd.com/2020/01/i-did-a-3-day-water-fast-the-how-why-tips.html Check this out on Insight Timer! https://insig.ht/dGKXSAC5e6 PROMOS: Stamps: https://www.stamps.com/ Promo code : FOOD Cloud Water : https://www.cloudwaterbrands.com/foodie Policy Genius : https://www.policygenius.com
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    26: Quarantine and Sex… or Nah?


    Anyone else getting a case of cabin fever? Has your relationship held up during the Shelter in Place Mandate? Or, If you’re single, have you been Quarantine and Chillin’ or just phone boning? These are just some of the topics covered on today’s episode of I’m Here For The Food. Melyssa is joined by long time friends rapper/actor Maino, VH1 LAHHNY Star Tahiry Jose and Po Johnson from the VH1 hit series LaLa’s Full Court Life. Nothing is left off the table as this group of friends commiserates about what most of us are feeling these days. Tune in for some major laughs! 
  • I'm Here for The Food podcast

    25: The À la Carte Series ft. Elise Neal


    Elise Neal is a household name. She’s been a fixture on our TVs and the Big Screen for 30 years. From roles on TV shows like Fresh Prince of Bel Air to All of Us to blockbuster movies such as Logan and Hustle and Flow, she has endeared herself to us through an incredible range of talent and grace. Since turning 50, she has become the epitome of lifestyle and body #goals, maintains a physique that rivals women half her age. Sit down and have a glass of wine with Elise as Melyssa dives beneath the surface of this fabulous woman.
  • I'm Here for The Food podcast

    Melyssa's Personal Message to YOU


    A personal message from Melyssa to YOU lovelies!
  • I'm Here for The Food podcast

    24: King For a Day Ft. Datwon Thomas, Adell Henderson and Shaka Senghor


    Have you ever met someone who, after speaking to them, you’ve realized it was almost predestined for you to meet? That your lives have seemingly been running a parallel course for years up until that moment? Intersectionality is a common theme in all of our lives and on today’s episode, Melyssa walks down memory lane with the editors of King Magazine and discusses the cultural impact the magazine had on young black men and the world. Joining them is Shaka Senghor, who speaks from the perspective of a young man in prison during King’s heyday, and how for black and brown men like him in prison, it was one of their only lifelines to the outside world. Promos: Stamps: Get a 4-week trial, FREE postage AND a digital scale without any long-term commitment by visiting www.stamps.com. Simply click microphone at the top of the homepage and type in FOOD Policy Genius: Compare insurance quotes side by side to find the best option - and save money doing it by visiting www.policygenius.com.
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    23: The Hidden Epidemic ft Kalyn Fahie and Ralph Godbee


    Promo Links: Skillshare: Get TWO free months of unlimited classes by visiting http://skillshare.com/Food Liquid IV: Get 25% off your order by visiting https://liquid-iv.com/ and entering promo code FOODIE at checkout! Imagine this: a pandemic hits the globe and the citizens of every state and country are told to quarantine themselves at home, in order to stop the rate of contagion. Government officials issue a Shelter in Place mandate and you and/or your spouse have been laid off from your jobs.  It’s unbelievable but here we are. But what happens when you’re forced to stay inside in a home that is so abusive that your life is more at risk there than going outside and facing a virus whose mortality rate is steadily creeping up?  On this episode of I’m Here For The Food we talk with former Chief of the Detroit PD and current Chief of Detroit Public Schools Ralph Godbee and Kalyn Fahie, a domestic violence Survivor, Advocate founder of SAFE (Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment) to discuss the rise of Domestic Violence complaints during mandatory quarantine and, with all schools adjourned for the rest of the year, the possibility of unreported child abuse with a lack of mandatory reporting.  Promo Links: Skillshare: Get TWO free months of unlimited classes by visiting http://skillshare.com/Food Liquid IV: Get 25% off your order by visiting https://liquid-iv.com/ and entering promo code FOODIE at checkout!

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