If I Ruled the World by Gillian Burke podcast

If I Ruled the World by Gillian Burke

Gillian Burke

Welcome to an eye-opening bi-weekly podcast that shatters conventional wisdom and explores the world’s biggest questions. Join me as I dive deep into riveting conversations with brilliant scientists and experts, unlocking the secrets of profound systemic change and how to make it a reality. In a world inundated with reductive and polarising information, we’re here to dismantle misconceptions and disrupt the narratives perpetuated by sensationalised media. Together with my guests, I aim to slow things down from dizzying news-cycles and social media feeds, and create an informative, empowering and emotionally- charged experience for you. If you have an appetite for nuance, a thirst for knowledge and a hunger for positive change - tune in, explore, and make a positive impact. Don’t miss a moment. Subscribe now on your preferred platform. Join the Discussion: Share your thoughts and ideas with us at [email protected].

9 Episodes