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72. 2023 in Review: A Look Back at Season 2

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As 2023 comes to a close, Jeff and Steve take a look back at the year filled with zombies, Draculas and masked killers. (Oh my!) The boys also take a peek into 2024 and prepare for what lies ahead in Season 3

It's That Time of Year: 0:00
Horror Hour: 3:28
   Can Steve's Headphones Reach the Window: 3:51
   Stranger Things Season 5 Update: 4:44
   Saw XI Announcement: 7:28
   Godzilla Minus One Update: 10:55
   4K Horror Releases: 12:40
   Steve Played Alan Wake II: 15:12
Season 2 Lookback: 17:28
Season 2 Follow up: 56:57
Upcoming 2024 Movies: 1:03:44
A Seasons Wrap-up: 1:09:51

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