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Throwing a Lifeline to Lifesaving Care in Rural America

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There are two Americas - rural and urban – particularly when you look at access to health care.  

With roughly 60 million people, or one in five Americans, living in small communities from coast to coast, how do we ensure patients have access to the care they need when they need it? And what policies can help bridge the gap? 

Former Senator Heidi Heitkamp has dedicated her life to representing the interests of rural America and fighting to save this way of life. She currently serves as founder and board chair of the One Country Project, an organization dedicated to advancing rural America through and ensuring its priorities and values are represented and reflected in Washington, D.C.  

In this episode, Sen. Heitkamp discusses the issues facing small communities and how lawmakers can help solve health inequities between rural and urban areas.  

Topics include: 

  • Unique health care challenges faced by rural Americans 
  • Hospital closure crisis 
  • Impact of public programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act 
  • Threat of funding cuts to rural health care programs, like site-neutral, low-volume and Medicare-dependent hospitals  
  • Unintended consequences of Medicare Advantage 
  • Mission of the One Country Project 


The One Country Project is dedicated to reopening the dialogue with rural communities, rebuilding trust and respect, and advancing an opportunity agenda for rural Americans. Its mission is to ensure rural America’s priorities and values are heard, understood, well-represented and reflected in policy in Washington. 


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