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Spotlight on Medicaid: Impact on Patients of Enrollment Redeterminations & Work Requirements

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Chip and Dr. Lynn Blewett put a spotlight on Medicaid, which is now the largest government-funded health program in the nation – covering more people than even Medicare. Crucial topics they discuss include:

  • The current state of the Medicaid program and where it is headed in the future.
  • Medicaid redetermination has led to more than a million people being disenrolled from the program. What is the redetermination process and why has it risen to such importance this year?
  • Significance of health plans’ role in Medicaid redetermination and the effects it will have on hospitals, as well as patients’ access to care.
  • Implications of work requirements for Medicaid coverage and discussion of results from states where it has been used. 
  • Importance of Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital Payments (DSH Payments) for patients and providers.


Dr. Lynn Blewett, founding Director of State Health Access Data Assistance Center (SHADAC), Professor at the University of Minnesota, School of Public Health


In this episode, we will look at the Medicaid program, which now covers over 86 million of the most vulnerable Americans - ranging from young mothers and babies to seniors in nursing home care.

Currently the largest government-funded health program in the nation, Medicaid has been in the headlines consistently this year as policy makers on state and federal levels debate ways to manage enrollment and bring spending under control.

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