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Patients First: How AI is Improving the Care Continuum & Cutting Costs

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In this episode:

Chip and Marty Bonick, President and CEO of Ardent Health Services, discuss how cutting-edge technology is reshaping the health care system - by treating patients like consumers, and doing it while improving quality and cutting costs. Topics they examine include:

  • Prioritizing patient centered care and cost containment 
  • Embracing disruptors - Using technology to make care more accessible 
  • Impact of AI, machine learning on the patient experience
  • Transforming from a hospital system to a health service organization
  • Utilizing virtual nursing to mitigate current workforce shortage and support care in different ways


Marty Bonick, President & CEO, Ardent Health Services

FAH Board Member, Past Chair


Marty Bonick has been a leader in the health care field for more than 25 years, but when he was recently injured in a bicycle accident – he was transformed into a patient.

His experience reshaped the way he views the care continuum and the way Ardent treats patients.

Under his guidance, Ardent Health Services is using technology, like AI and virtual nursing, to improve care quality, along with the patient experience.

Marty also explains both how these innovations can help by reducing costs for everyone, and the importance of treating patients more like consumers.

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