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Hospital Workforce Crisis: How It Impacts Patient Care & Search for Common Sense Solutions

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In this episode: 
Chip and Dr. Sammie Mosier, SVP & Chief Nurse Executive at HCA Healthcare, discuss the growing health care workforce crisis in health systems – from how it is affecting care at the bedside to developing cutting-edge programs aimed at training the next generation of nurses. Topics they examine include:

  •  COVID-19’s lasting impact on nursing
  • Using innovative care models and virtual nursing to improve patient
  • care
  •  Ways to increase enrollment at nursing schools
  • Prioritizing nurse retention and caregiver continuity
  • Future of nursing

Dr. Sammie Mosier, SVP & Chief Nurse Executive at HCA Healthcare

Dr. Mosier started her career at HCA Healthcare in 1996 as a medical-surgical nurse at Frankfort Regional Medical Center in Frankfort, Kentucky and last year she was promoted to the role of Chief Nurse Executive where she oversees approximately 93,000 registered nurses.

Her time as a floor nurse has shaped her leadership style and gives her a unique perspective on the issues and opportunities facing the field.

In this episode, Dr. Mosier explains the challenges facing the nursing workforce in hospitals as it rebounds after the COVID-19 pandemic and how to use new technology, like AI, to improve patient care.

She also highlights programs HCA is using to retain current nurses, while training new caregivers through the Galen School of Nursing, which the company owns and operates.

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