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Delayed Care & Bad Outcomes - How Insurers' Use of Prior Authorization Harms Patients w/ Todd Askew, AMA

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In this episode:

  • What is prior authorization and how does the process work in the real-world.
  • Startling results of a recent American Medical Association physician survey highlighting the negative impact of prior authorization on patient care:
    • 94% of physicians report that prior authorization delayed access to necessary care for patients;
    • 89% report prior authorization had a negative impact on patient outcomes – sometimes even leading to death. 
  • Effects of additional administrative burden prior authorization places on caregivers and hospitals.
  • Efforts to pushback against insurers and stop the harmful overuse of the prior authorization process.
  •  Impact of new CMS rules aimed at reforming prior authorization and what it could mean for patients.

Todd Askew, Senior Vice President of the Advocacy Group for the American Medical Association

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