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Fine artist + educator Natalie Eslick joins us to talk about leaving her muggle job and finding enchantment as she pursued her creative practice. We talk about the power of creativity to help us be more resilient in the face of uncertainty and loneliness; and Natalie shares how the wild can keep us from missing out on our one precious life.

“Enchantment wriggled its way into my hardened heart through the simple act of observing wildness.”

Natalie is an Australian fine artist and educator whose work is steeped in connection to nature, rooting into place, and reciprocal relationships with the wild world. Her work evokes compassion, kindness, and connection to the intrinsic magic of nature and the inherent wisdom of Earth’s flora and fauna. Natalie's background in psychology, human rights, and decades of service to her local community lead her to seek an extraordinary life, to cherish moments of peace and connection with trees and wild beings, to encourage curiosity and wonder, and to value compassion and creative beauty as empowering, and worth pursuing.

we discuss —

  • How creativity can help us grapple with uncertainty + perfectionism
  • How to make more space for creativity by feeding connection (yes, even if your muggle life is so demanding!)
  • How Natalie transitioned to a full-time creative career after 30 years of working a “normal” job
  • How the wild is our teacher for how we can be and how to not miss out on our life
  • Why you deserve enchantment in your life + how to invite more of it


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Mentioned in the episode—

Bewilderment, book by Richard Powers

If Women Rose Rooted, book by Sharon Blackie

Hagitude, book by Sharon Blackie, illustrations by Natalie Eslick

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