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the Magician w— Sean Nguyen-Hilton + Hez Stalcup

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A conversation with two artists on the archetypal Major Arcana card The Magician.

Sean Nguyen-Hilton (they/them) is a Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon, + Leo Ascendant. Sean danced “professionally” for about two decades, and worked in higher ed for about four and a half years.* Sean is a tarot reader of 27 years and is currently studying Hellenistic astrology. Sean is a Co-Founder and Team Member of Fly on a Wall, an artist led platform that presents and supports process and performance. Sean invests in care, awareness, sensation, and love, all of which he practices through the lens of queer stamina, movement, and evolution.

Hez Stalcup is an experimental dance artist. He works with bodies, words, sound and objects. He makes dances. He is usually in them. He makes other things that maybe get seen. Most people think his work is about being queer or about gender, its only sometimes about either. Often he is dancing about time, failure and personhood with people he thinks are smart and funny and should be looked at. He doesn’t make beautiful dances per se, rather he thinks about what makes something outlandish and solitary enough that you want to love it forever.


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