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Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio + New Moon in Taurus : May 2023 Astrology Forecast w— Mo Olufemi

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Mo Olufemi of the Fixed Astrology Podcast joins us again to talk about the upcoming astrology for May 2023, including : the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, Mercury stationing Direct, Venus in Cancer, Jupiter in Taurus, Sun in Gemini and the New Moon in Taurus.

Mo is a an astrologer and tarot reader specializing in Hellenistic and Medieval astrology, while also becoming versed in the Vedic astrological tradition. She loves learning about the underrated parts of essential dignity and their applications, and uses the Golden Dawn astrological correspondences to merge tarot with astrology. In her spare time, she is a loving mother of two cats.

we discuss —

  • Pluto stations Rx
  • Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio
  • Venus enters Cancer
  • Mercury stations Direct!
  • Jupiter enters Taurus
  • New Moon in Taurus
  • Mars in Leo
  • Sun in Gemini
    • more!


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