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exploring the dark houses — the 6th House w—Michael J Morris

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Deep dive into the 6th house! Michael J Morris shares their perspectives on how the poignant questions of the 6th house are relevant to us at all times. We see how the 6th can bring us questions + lenses we can ask our culture that help us move towards greater justice + well-being.

Michael J. Morris is an astrologer, tarot reader, artist, writer, educator, and witch. They hold a PhD in Dance Studies from The Ohio State University. They are the founder of Co Witchcraft Offerings through which they offer astrology and tarot readings, movement-based rituals, and workshops to support people in cultivating more meaningful living while pursuing personal and collective healing and liberation. Michael is also a teaching assistant with Kelly Surtees’ online astrology course, a contributing writer to the CHANI App, and a contributing artist with Livable Futures.

we discuss —

  • the 6th House as a lens through which we can ask difficult questions about slavery, disability, illness + work
  • the charts of Ava Duvernay + Frida Kahlo


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