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exploring the dark houses : the 2nd house w— Rob Bailey

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Today, we sift through the topics and considerations of the 2nd house in astrology with astrologer Rob Bailey. Rob shares his perspectives on how the questions and topics of the 2nd house are relevant to us as individuals but also as collective society, guiding us toward ways we can be more curious and compassionate as we relate to these supporting resources in our lives.

Rob Bailey is an astrologer, occultist and Christian mystic from Canberra, Australia. His focus is the study and revival of early Medieval astrology, and developing authentic ways to use traditional astrology techniques to help people in the modern world. His practise combines traditional wisdom with modern counseling skills and a client-led approach to exploring the symbolism of the stars.

we discuss —

  • why the 2nd house is called “a dark house”
  • what we find in the 2nd house besides money
  • a discussion on poverty and excess
  • an ecological perspective on the 2nd house
  • spiritual + ethical considerations of the 2nd house
  • chart examples


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