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Art is a Powerful Medicine + Oracle for the Earth w— Laura Zuspan

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Artist, oracle, + dharma witch Laura Zuspan joins us to talk about the Tarot, the healing power of art + why Buddhism is helpful for witches. We also discuss the Cantigee Oracle — an ecological spiritual guide + creative prompt deck.

The Cantigee Oracle is a unique, nature-inspired oracle deck anchored in the belief that individual development will help create and sustain evolutionary change. The Cantigee Oracle brings environmental awareness into the personal realm + empowers us to address climate change with presence + care.

Laura is an artist, oracle and meditator. She is the creator of Luminous Void Tarot, which was featured in Taschen’s Library of Esoterica + selected for preservation at the MIT distinctive libraries. For the last decade she's worked with individuals using the Tarot in healing through the lens of art, embodied awareness, Buddhism + symbolism. She is a student of mindfulness meditation, and she currently resides on unceded Ohlone territory with her family in Oakland CA.

we discuss —

  • the transformative power of art
  • the value in orienting our divination to the natural world
  • what being a dharma witch means to her
  • how art can be a channel to the voice of the earth
  • the power of archetypes
  • reclaiming our belonging to the Earth
  • How she uses the Tarot + Oracle decks in her regular practice
  • Why there are no “good” or “bad” archetypes
  • the wisdom of I don’t know.


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