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A Movie Review and Modification Podcast

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  • Hollywood Chop Shop podcast

    It Follows (2014)


    A young woman’s relationship ends abruptly after finding she was being courted in an effort to divert the attention of a murderous sex demon. After coming to terms with the curse, she must decide if she will confront that which hunts her, pass the curse and continue the chain or accept death as her inescapable fate.
  • Hollywood Chop Shop podcast

    The Mind Trilogy Wrap-Up


    We wrap up The Mind Trilogy which comprised of Reminiscent  (2021), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) and Total Recall (1990). See what we thought of these memory driven movies and which characters The Cinemachanics would transport into other franchises.
  • Hollywood Chop Shop podcast

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  • Hollywood Chop Shop podcast

    The Shining (1980)


    Jack Torrance is contracted to maintain an esteem lodge isolated in the Colorado Mountains. As Jack and his family become more and more familiar with the grounds, a mysterious force begins to weigh on Jack’s mind and chip away at his sanity. Danny, Jack’s son, has a psychic connection that gives him insight into the terrible history of the hotel and the sinister spirits that haunt it, but will it be enough to help the family escape the horror of the Overlook Hotel?
  • Hollywood Chop Shop podcast

    Total Recall (1990)


    Average Joe, Douglas Quaid, decides to indulge his dreams of visiting Mars by having false memories of a vacation to the red planet implanted into his mind. While undergoing the procedure a suppressed memory of a life he doesn’t recall is triggered. Quaid is soon thrust into an incomprehensible world of ancient alien technology, and the conflict between an authoritarian corporate government and an underground rebellion of psychic mutants for control of Mars' most precious resource...
  • Hollywood Chop Shop podcast

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)


    Facing the anguish of being literally erased from his ex-girlfriend's mind, Joel Barrish makes a knee-jerk decision to undergo the same procedure to have Clementine removed from his memory as well. The only problem, Joel begins to realize he doesn’t want to forget everything while experiencing the lucid dream-like journey through their relationship. After waking up with no memory of Clementine, he meets a familiar stranger on a beach in Montauk leaving us to wonder if it’s possible to fight the inevitability of human connection, and are we doomed to repeat the past?
  • Hollywood Chop Shop podcast

    Reminiscence (2021)


    In a world with no future, Nick Bannister helps lost souls cling on to their past. With the use of a special memory fabrication machine and a background in interrogation, Nick ferries clients through an endless sea of echoes to revisit the perfect memory. After the love of his life vanishes without a trace, Nick begins to probe his own mind in hopes of finding something that will explain her disappearance... assuming she’s even the woman he remembers her being in the first place.
  • Hollywood Chop Shop podcast

    Professional Trilogy Wrap-Up


    We wrap up The Group Dynamics Trilogy which comprised of Semi-Pro (2008), Leon, The Professional (1994) and The Professionals (1966). See what we thought of these pros and which characters The Cinemachanics would transport into other franchises.
  • Hollywood Chop Shop podcast

    The Professionals (1966)


    A wealthy Texan, J.W.Grant, receives a ransom note after his wife disappears into the treacherous Mexican wilderness. Fearing the worst, Grant contracts four men with varying skills to retrieve his love from the clutches of the ruthless bandit leader, Raza. As the party traverses the harsh terrain, they can’t help but feel something is out of place, and not everything is as it seems. Will they succeed in their endeavor, or find themselves in the cemetery of nameless men?
  • Hollywood Chop Shop podcast

    Leon, The Professional (1994)


    A young girl is orphaned after her family is brutally murdered at the hands of a corrupt DEA task force, with the only witness being a hitman that just so happens to live next door. Leon, the professional, reluctantly takes in Mathilda with the two quickly establishing a strong but unconventional bond. Soon after their arrangement Leon begins to train the 12 year old in the art of assassination, strengthening her resolve while simultaneously humanizing the killing machine. Can they survive in a world defined by death and destruction, or will their love put a target on their backs?
  • Hollywood Chop Shop podcast

    Semi-Pro (2008)


    An NBA merger is imminent as the collapse of the American Basketball Association unfolds in the 70’s. As part of the negotiations, the top four ABA teams will be absorbed into the NBA, with the remaining owners seeing a substantial payday. This sits well with everyone but Jackie Moon, the pregame announcer-owner-coach-pop-singing-sensation-power-forward of the Flint Michigan Tropics, who’s dreams of being in the NBA feel less likely than a full court basket for $10,000. Can Jackie and The Tropics climb from last place to achieve their ambitions, or is the whole team a little moonstruck?

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