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The Grand Canyon

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One of the most majestic places on earth, this park will leave you feeling small. We loved our time visiting the north and south rim and hope to explore more of it someday.

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  • Hindsight Hikers podcast



    In 2019 we took an amazing trip to Iceland for our friends wedding. We also stayed and tagged along on their honeymoon as we toured the country sleeping 5 in a van. 2 years later we all meet back up to talk about our international adventure!
  • Hindsight Hikers podcast

    Half Dome Hike: Yosemite National Park


    Listen as we tell our Half Dome experience with our family. Helpful tips and some do’s and dont’s of the trial.
  • Hindsight Hikers podcast

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  • Hindsight Hikers podcast

    Our Favorite Canyons


    We introduce the newest member to the hindsight hiker family, our son, Canyon Benson! We also talk about our top 7 canyons that we have seen. Some of the obvious ones and some not so well known ones. 
  • Hindsight Hikers podcast

    Family Friendly National Parks and Hikes


    In this episode we go through the family friendly parks that we have been to and different hikes that are shorter and more kid friendly. 
  • Hindsight Hikers podcast

    Glacier Bay National Park


    We go back in the archives for this one and talk about our time at Glacier Bay National Park in the great state of Alaska! Listen to our stories of seeing whales and sea lions and kayaking around one of the most beautiful areas in Alaska. 
  • Hindsight Hikers podcast

    Special Guest Park Hats edition!


    Today on the podcast we talk to one of the owners of the rad company Park Hats. Go check them out at parkhats.com and use our code HIKERS for 20% off!
  • Hindsight Hikers podcast

    Q&A With Ben and Theresa!


    All the answers to the questions you've been asking.
  • Hindsight Hikers podcast

    Dry Tortugas National Park


    Come along as we explore this remote island off the Florida keys! This National Park is filled with history, nature, and lots of adventures to be had. 
  • Hindsight Hikers podcast

    Shenandoah National Park


    A beautiful park on the east coast nestled into the mountains of Virginia. We remanence about our time spent in this park and what our favorite parts were. 
  • Hindsight Hikers podcast

    Florida Keys, Everglades NP, and Biscayne NP


    We have two special guest on the podcast to talk about our adventures down in the Florida keys and at Everglades National Park. 

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