Higher Education: A 5e Strixhaven AP podcast

Higher Education: A 5e Strixhaven AP

Vana, Connie, Drak, Hamnah, Liv and Sea

Strixhaven University is known for its illustrious undergraduate program -- but what about its grad students? HIGHER EDUCATION is an explosive dark academia campaign that follows five brilliant, jaded, and caffeine-fueled grad students on the verge of burning out. The Cycle of Ascension is coming -- a magical phenomenon by which mortals can become gods -- and each student has their own reason for wanting to ascend... or not. Either way, Arcavios beckons! Can our heroes wrangle their conflicting ideals about godhood, their obligations, and their graduate thesis? Or will the very real threats lurking in the halls of Strixhaven consume them all?

11 Episodes