Heinous Investigations podcast

Heinous Investigations

Wildely Productions

In the small New England coastal town of Hanesbury, strange things have been happening, and it's up to a new supernatural investigation service to save the day!...Too bad they're weirder and more dysfunctional than the mysteries they solve. *Rated PG-14 (Language, Violence, Innuendo)* Heinous Investigations was Created, Written and Directed by Jessica Castro, Featuring the Voices of David Manuele, Elena Garcia, Bryce Riffle, Toan Nguyen, Dio Garner, AJ Somerville, Naomi Park, Maria Elizabeth Burns, Jamie Forney, Emily Foulger and Jessica Castro. Sound Design, Editing and Mixing by Finn Nielsen and Owen Thornton; “Heinous Investigations Spooky Theme Song” written and arranged by Jordan Castro, with instrumentals by Lucas Urbina; Promotional Media Editing by Tom Vellek.

42 Episodes