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Hand Tool Book Review

Hand Tool Book Review

the podcast for woodworms - hand tool woodworkers who like to read about woodworking too!

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  • Hand Tool Book Review podcast

    [S2 - 27] A Cabinetmakers Notebook By Jame Krenov


    A cabinetmaker's notebook by James Krenov is a relatively famous book that I've been avoiding reviewing for a while now, join me on today's podcast as a I tell you why.
  • Hand Tool Book Review podcast

    [S2-26] Chinese Domestic Furniture By Gustav Ecke


    Chinese classical furniture in the Ming style demonstrates some very interesting solutions to typical problems, some fascinating joinery and some timeless elegance in design. I found this book to be a great "read" - its got very little text but lots of inspiration. Upon reading it's easy to see why this is considered one of the seminal works in this style of furniture.
  • Hand Tool Book Review podcast

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  • Hand Tool Book Review podcast

    [S2-25] Zany Wooden Tools By Bob Gilsdorf


    A fun book that I enjoy is this book on kinetic toys by Bob Gilsdorf. It's one that I return to every so often to look for inspiration for a project with my boys. I hope that one day visitors to our house will be encouraged to join in and make a toy (rather than the current propensity for small scale weapons manufacture - that seems to be my son's primary rationale for visiting the woodworking room).
  • Hand Tool Book Review podcast

    [S2-24] Hand Tool Essentials By Paul Sellers


    A great book if you want a really in depth look at the core tools in your workshop. I enjoyed this book and could heartily recommend it to anyone who is interested in the distilled wisdom of a master craftsman.
  • Hand Tool Book Review podcast

    [S2-23] Another Work Is Possible By Joshua Klein


    Another Work is Possible is a very different take on how the task of building a structure can be completed. With the help of Charpentiers Sans Frontieres (CSF) - the folk at Mortise and Tenon set about constructing a new Blacksmith shop. Part philosophy, part construction log, part beautiful coffee table book - this book documents both the steps and ethos behind this project.
  • Hand Tool Book Review podcast

    [S2-22] The Craftsman By Richard Sennett


    The Craftsman is a thoughtful and thought-provoking look at mankind's conflicted relationship with technology and craftsmanship. I learnt a lot from this book, but it is a bit of a tough read. You have to be paying attention. A book that I would suggest breaking up over a number of sessions. It's taken me a few months to re-read it, but I am glad I did!
  • Hand Tool Book Review podcast

    [S2-21] The Art Of Saw Filing By HW Holly


    The Art of Saw-Filing by HW Holly is a fun little book that takes a quite complicated topic and breaks it down into a very easy to understand process - in a book which covers everything from the finest saw to a monster two-man saw to a circular saw and everything in between.
  • Hand Tool Book Review podcast

    [S2-20] Handsaw Essentials By Christopher Schwarz


    A book made of solid gold? Certainly feels that way if you try and buy a copy these days. The companion to Handplane Essentials is one of the hardest books to come by at a reasonable price. Join me on today's show as I discuss whether you should seriously consider paying this price for it!
  • Hand Tool Book Review podcast

    [S2-19] Memoirs Of A Victorian Cabinetmaker By James Hopkinson


    PSA: Don't buy this book. Join me on the show to find out why, and to hear about my recent experience with hide glue.
  • Hand Tool Book Review podcast

    [S2-18] Why We Make Things And Why It Matters By Peter Korn


    Peter Korn has written an excellent Philosophy-Autobiography. After all who doesn't like a book that tells a great woodworker's story and gives some deep insights into why this story matters!

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