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Hall Watchers

Mary and Eric

A Monday music podcast hosted by Eric and Mary, a music-obsessed husband and wife team. We discuss the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, music honors, history & pop culture.

76 Episodes

  • Hall Watchers podcast

    Episode 75: Hanging with Hall Watchers


    We're back for a hot minute with a casual episode where we discuss everything from the Rock Hall, social media, mental health and the Insane Clown Posse. Grab some snacks and let's chat!
  • Hall Watchers podcast

    Ep. 74: Rock Hall 2022: 80’s Hard Rock


    Does “hair metal” belong in the Rock Hall? Inspired by Tom Beaujour and Richard Bienstock’s book “Nöthin' But a Good Time: The Uncensored History of the '80s Hard Rock Explosion,” we dare to lobby for bands from the ultimate decade of excess for Rock Hall induction.
  • Hall Watchers podcast

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  • Hall Watchers podcast

    Ep. 73: Rock Hall 2021 Ceremony Preview


    Will Jay-Z show up? Will the Rock Hall dare to make ceremony time for Singles? Will Ray Parker Jr.'s "Ghostbusters" be the all-star jam? We do what we do best and wildly speculate about what the upcoming Rock Hall 2021 ceremony will look like.
  • Hall Watchers podcast

    Ep. 72: Rock Hall 2022: Induct The Pioneers


    Today we discuss 12 artists from our Induct The Pioneers project who we believe should be inducted under the Early Influence category at the Rock Hall. 
  • Hall Watchers podcast

    Ep. 71: Movie Review: Summer of Soul


    Today we review this summer's critical darling and feel-good documentary 'Summer of Soul', directed by Questlove. Join us as we discuss the music performances, fashion and sociopolitical themes depicted in the film. And awards? All we can say to Questlove is, are you ready? 
  • Hall Watchers podcast

    Ep 70: “Ladies & Gentlemen, Rock and Roll”: 40 years of MTV


    40 years ago a “new concept in television” was born and changed the music industry as we know it. Join us for a nostalgic look at the night MTV launched and hear us recap its first two hours of airtime, technical difficulties and all. We react to the first 25 videos ever played, discuss how John Sykes might influence the Rock Hall’s treatment of MTV artists, lay out why the Rock Hall should “Induct the VJs” and also reflect on MTV’s legacy.
  • Hall Watchers podcast

    Ep. 69: Rock Hall 2021 Post-Mortem


    We’re leaving for our summer break with a super-sized episode that might be our most honest yet. We discuss how we feel now about the Rock Hall 2021 class, lobby critique at the discourse online in our community, talk about sexism and speculate on the future of the podcast.
  • Hall Watchers podcast

    Episode 68: Rock Hall 2021 Reaction


    It's here, and all we can say is wow! Join us as Mary surprises Eric with the Rock Hall class of 2021, and hear our reactions to the class, the categories and the snubs. 
  • Hall Watchers podcast

    Ep. 67: Predictions: The Rock Hall Class of 2021


    Which artists are about to be immortalized in Cleveland? Will the fan vote winner get in? What’s love got to do with it? Join us this week as we answer all these questions, and talk through Eric’s predictions for the Rock Hall Class of 2021.
  • Hall Watchers podcast

    Episode 66: Hall Watchers Recommends


    This week we take a break from Rock Hall chat to discuss and recommend 10 artists we’ve been listening to lately. We discuss country darling Mickey Guyton, cosmic tripsters Sun Ra and Julian Cope, R&B goddess Jazmine Sullivan and many more. It’s a classy, bougie, ratchet kind of episode.

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