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Are You A Fixer?

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You might think being a "fixer" is a good thing. It took me a long time to realize that can actually be detrimental to your relationships and happiness. Today I want to talk about four specific negative impacts being a fixer has on your relationship. And I'm going to give you my favorite tip that I use to help me from going into fix-it mode, and making my relationship significantly worse.

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  • Growth Marriage podcast

    How To Restore Safety, Intimacy, & Trust To Your Marriage After Porn


    Today, I wanted to share a special presentation I did for couples struggling with unwanted pornography use. Most couples focus on the question, "How do we get rid of the porn?" And the porn keeps coming back... because they're focusing on the wrong thing. This episode will show you an alternative that has worked for thousands of couples... and I'm confident it will help you.
  • Growth Marriage podcast

    The Power Of Receiving with Laura Doyle


    Laura Doyle is the NYT Bestselling author of The New York TImes Bestselling book The Surrendered Wife. Her advice about the importance of being a good receiver in this episode is game-changing. I hope you enjoy it! Check out more of her work at
  • Growth Marriage podcast

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  • Growth Marriage podcast

    Would You Put A Shock Collar On Your Partner?


    Shock collars are used to train dogs not to leave the yard. They use pain and fear to incentivize action. Are there things you're doing in your marriage to inflict pain on your partner in exchange for compliance? What do you think is the cost of that?
  • Growth Marriage podcast

    5 Steps To Getting Rid Of Resentment with Misty McIntyre, LMFT


    Resentment is corrosive to your marriage. It can be a gift if you know what it's trying to tell you. But if you sit in it and let the resentment stew, it will corrode the love, trust, and connection in your relationship and leave you feeling angry, bitter, and alone. Today, Misty McIntyre joins me to talk about what to do when we're feeling resentful in marriage.
  • Growth Marriage podcast

    The 3 Questions That Led To The 5 Love Languages


    😱 Most people don't know that Gary Chapman, author of The 5 Love Languages (the most popular relationship book of all time), almost got divorced. 💡 As a matter of fact, it's because his relationship was in such a dark place that he discovered The 5 Love Languages. 🚨 If you want to see how Dr. Chapman saved his marriage and came up with the Love Languages concept that was subsequently turned into a book that's sold over 20 MILLION copies... check out this episode.
  • Growth Marriage podcast

    Roommate Syndrome: Feature, or Bug?


    If you stay with your partner long enough, one thing is inevitable... you will eventually drift into Roommate Syndrome. Some people take it as a sign that the relationship isn't "right." That things are broken, and maybe the relationship needs to end. But what if Roommate Syndrome was a feature, not a bug? What if the miserable state of Roommate Syndrome was built into EVERY long-term committed relationship for a reason? That's what we're talking about today!
  • Growth Marriage podcast

    Maslow's Mountain: Do You Expect Too Much From Your Marriage?


    We demand more from our marriages today than we ever have in history... And yet we are busier and more distracted than we've ever been. Are these high expectations sustainable? Do we need to learn to "settle" for what we have? That's what we're talking about in today's episode...
  • Growth Marriage podcast

    Helping Things Go Right with Emma McAdam, LMFT


    There are so many ways a relationship can go wrong... Arguments, values conflicts, broken promises, exhaustion, busyness, the list goes on and on... With so many things working against your relationship, you have to be proactive to help things go right. Today I'm going to talk with Emma McAdam, LMFT. Emma loves helping people change and is willing to be creative in how she helps that happen. With her solution-centered approach and emphasis on building relationships, Emma works hard to help people find love, purpose, and joy in life. Emma is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the host of the Therapy In A Nutshell Youtube Channel:
  • Growth Marriage podcast

    Are You A Frog Farmer?


    Some women turn frogs into princes. And other women turn princes into frogs. Which one are you? Do you take a good partner and bring out the very worst in them? Or do you bring out the best?
  • Growth Marriage podcast

    The Danger Of Ignoring Your Marriage Problems


    If you ignore your problems, nothing changes and most things get worse. So, how are you going to address them? Well, it takes humility, courage, and wisdom. And you have all 3.

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