Growing With The Flow podcast

Growing With The Flow

Nayna Florence

Navigating the brink of adulthood, life transitions and building a life you love. With some life experience under her belt, Nayna will be revealing everything she’s learnt so far as well as navigating this new chapter and taking a step into the unknown, sharing experiences and tips along the way. From jobs, student life and graduating to health, relationships and activism, this podcast was created to be a safe place to figure out who we are and who we want to be. Instead of fearing the future we’re going to be mastering the art of growing with the flow.

43 Episodes

  • Growing With The Flow podcast

    starting a youtube channel | Ep. 42


    happy wednesday all! sorry for the lack of punctuality but this week we are discussing starting a youtube channel/podcast/social media :) really enjoyed recording this so i hope you like it <3 have a nice week xx ig: @growingwiththeflow_podcast <3
  • Growing With The Flow podcast

    uni advice w/ niamh | Ep. 41


    happy monday everyone!! this week we have my flatmate and bestie niamh on the pod to answer your questions and give our best advice about uni! i hope you enjoy and have a lovely week <33 ig: @growingwiththeflow_podcast :)
  • Growing With The Flow podcast

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  • Growing With The Flow podcast

    pressure | Ep. 40


    happy monday and happy november! another chatty episode today about the pressures we feel and how/if we can overcome them :) i hope you enjoy and have a nice week <3 ig: @growingwiththeflow_podcast
  • Growing With The Flow podcast

    the best things i've ever bought | Ep. 39


    happy monday my friends i missed you! today we're chatting about the best things we've ever bought, hopefully just a lighthearted ep that distracts you from sad girl autumn for 40 mins! love you lots xx ig: @growingwiththeflow_podcast
  • Growing With The Flow podcast

    fear | Ep. 38


    happy monday my favourite people! today's episode is all about fear, we talked what we're all scared of, how that impacts us and whether fear is healthy- i hope you enjoy and thank you as always for sending in your thoughts <3 have a great week <33 ig: @growingwiththeflow_podcast
  • Growing With The Flow podcast

    "that girl", friendship dilemmas, comparison: big sister advice part iii | Ep. 37


    happy monday everyone it's an honour to have you here!! today's episode is part iii of the big sister advice series and we're discussing the "that girl" trend, friendship dilemmas, comparison, body image, performing vs authenticity, learning to drive and lots more- i hope you and enjoy and have a good week <3
  • Growing With The Flow podcast

    would you rather | Ep. 36


    happy monday my loves! missed you v much last week <33 today we're back with a fun would you rather episode, i hope you enjoy and have a lovely week <3
  • Growing With The Flow podcast

    authenticity | Ep. 35


    that time of the week again...happy monday! in today's episode we are discussing authenticity, what that means and how to achieve it in real life and online, i really enjoyed this discussion and i hope you will too! have a lovely week <3 ig: @growingwiththeflow_podcast :)
  • Growing With The Flow podcast

    situationships, family and not drinking | Ep. 34


    happy monday beautiful people! welcome back to another episode, thanks for tuning in! today we catch up on my trip to somerset as well as other random topics and advice you sent in- situationships, family, living in london, toxicity and not drinking, i hope you enjoy <3 fave clothing companies!  @wearehundredclub @sophieantoniascott @beforejuly_ @mu________me follow the ig! @growingwiththeflow_podcast <3
  • Growing With The Flow podcast

    success, productivity and hustle culture | Ep. 33


    happy monday all! i'm really happy with this episode and i hope you enjoy it, we're chatting success, productivity and hustle culture- my experiences throughout life, some advice and also your thoughts! have a lovely week <3 ig:@growingwiththeflow_podcast 

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