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Episode 117 Robert Kerbeck, Author, Actor, and ex-corporate spy

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You won't want to miss this chat about the world of high-finance, billion dollar deals, and of course, the secrets behind them. This week on Fraudish, Kelly talks with Robert Kerbeck, a professional actor who makes his real money lying on the phone, charming people into revealing their employers’ most valuable information. 

Kerbeck pursued acting after college, but to make ends meet, he began his apprenticeship as a corporate spy. Kerbeck became one of the world’s best practitioners of this deceptive—and illegal—trade. Listen along to learn more about the secretive trade! 

Show Notes:
Robert Kerbeck 
Robert Kerbeck Linkedin
Robert Kerbeck Twitter 
Ruse by Robert Kerbeck
Malibu Burning by Robert Kerbeck
Article on Corporate spy life 

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