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108: Venus Quates: Highlighting the importance of technology, people, and work values

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We are bringing you an earth shattering govcon superstar in today’s episode. Venus Quates if you’ve never heard the name is a servant leader, forward-thinker and proud veteran of the US Air Force. Her company LaunchTech where she serves as the CEO solves the presentation and launches the future of technology in the space, financial services, healthcare and public sectors. Her firm was ranked #66 on the 2021 Inc 5000 list with a 3 year growth rate of 5,682%.

Venus, with over 20 years of domestic and international experience, has acquired a wealth of technical and business knowledge across a wide range of demanding roles and sectors. She has led several engineering, technology, and data-driven initiatives with major Fortune 100 and 500 companies, global banking giants, and leaders in the Intelligence and Defense industries. 

Venus has traveled all over the world and educated the masses on technology innovation in business, diversity, and inclusion in STEM, the utilization of data science, and how implementing all can benefit community and economic growth. 

What I love about this interview is how Venus was very specific in describing what her company does well. We discuss her sources for wisdom and inspiration, mentors and more. Which one of her previous jobs impacted her Govcon Journey the most and lessons learned.

Stay tuned for what is sure to be a fan favorite episode for our next Giant, Venus Quates.

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  • Govcon Giants Podcast podcast

    119: Yolanda Clarke - Knowing what it takes to start and grow small businesses successfully


    In this episode, we have the current Chief Executive Officer of Powder River Industries, Yolanda Clarke. She is responsible for all aspects of the firm. She began operations in June of 2016. After just 9 weeks PRI broke even and became profitable – nearly unheard of for a start-up in any industry and continues to experience growth year over year. PRI offers devsecops and infrastructure-as-code to US Government customers. Prior to leading PRI to early growth success, Yolanda worked as an enterprise portfolio manager for Lockheed Martin supporting a defense agency. She managed up to 53 projects at once with operations occurring simultaneously around the world at up to 83 different locations at one time.  The scope of her projects was in engineering, installation, test, and acceptance. Her projects ranged from a blend of large-scale computing, services, cyber, transport, gateways, wireless, and satellite communications.    Yolanda and I talked about creating project plans before starting a business, how to price a job your wrap rate and creating a board of advisers. She also talked about how she increased her business sales and how she changed her mindset so that she can be a thriving successful business. Tune in to our next Giant, Yolanda Clarke.
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    118: Eric Coffie - My crypto journey and what the government is trying to do with crypto wallets


    With all the buzz circling the universe around crypto NFT’s Web3 and Defi I thought it fitting that we make a video detailing my ventures into the crypto space.  It was not long ago 2017 that I was hearing the buzz about bitcoin. A new type of currency being traded amongst really smart tech people or friends of tech people in this underground type of manner.  Without having any prior knowledge I realized that this was going to be the next big deal and I wanted in.  Today’s podcast highlights some ups and downs of my adventures in the crypto space. But also more importantly what is the government role in this new marketplace. We look at some recent public requests from the government to curtail people hiding money in wallets and finding ways insert themselves into the next internet wave of the future.  Hope you enjoy this next 90 minutes with me on my Crypto journey.   Click here to view the Youtube Video.
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    117: Rebecca Wilson Pselos - GSA Strategies for beginners


    Our guest for this week’s podcast, Rebecca Wilson Pselos, the President of Kite Tail Strategy. She began her career auditing Departments of Defense (DOD) and Homeland Security (DHS) major acquisitions. She then worked for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Office of Inspector General, reviewing the agency’s approaches to leasing underutilized property, requirements development for Earth Science programs, and contracting services.  More recently, she served as the Deputy Associate Administrator for the General Services Administration (GSA) Office of Congressional and Interagency Affairs where she represented many GSA programs and significantly influenced major legislation. With almost 15 years of expertise in government contracting and government affairs, Rebecca is dedicated to helping small businesses strategically pursue federal contracts and advocating on their behalf.  This is a one of a kind interview getting some inside knowledge and information from a former GSA and GAO personnel who has gone on to start her own organization, Kite Tail Strategy. We talked about the policies and programs of the General Services Administration (GSA) Marketplace, U.S. Government Accountability Office (U.S. GAO) and The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) compliance, requirements and many more. Tune in to this episode now with our next Giant, Rebecca Wilson Pselos.
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    116: Jackie Santisteban - From medical technology company to combat and weapons training


    For our inaugural January episode. We bring you Jackie Santisteban.  Maria Martinez the host of Making a Giant podcast met Jackie at a Miami SAME event where she led the training session for contractors. Of course in typical Giant form she invited her to be on our show.  Ms. Santisteban's held sales and management positions with major medical technology companies such as Abbott Laboratories and Somanetics. As the Military/Government Business Development Director for a major physical security company Ms. Santisteban developed a worldwide market and led a team that achieved $15 million in sales.  As a result of her success, Ms. Santisteban realized that a broader market for similar business development and consulting services existed. Consequently, she started JBS Business Consulting to provide new or existing GSA contractors with a resource who can readily identify markets and sales opportunities in order to rapidly win incremental government business.  Since its inception seven years ago, JBS consulting has worked with clients with specialties in physical security, antiterrorism and protection, aircraft maintenance and enhancements, logistics, IT, and more. As a spinoff she founded Anzen that trains military personnel in close quarters combat, weapons and defensive driving.  Today Jackie and I get into what it takes to be a successful contractor at any level. She discusses how she sets up meetings for her clients with Admirals, Generals, KO, program managers and end users.  Welcome our next Giant, Ms. Jackie Santisteban. 
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    115: Martha Daniel - School of hard knocks lands more than $350M in contracts


    My guest in this week’s podcast, Martha Daniel whom I had the pleasure to meet at the VIB Conference San Diego transformed Information Management Resources, Inc. (IMRI) into an award winning service disabled veteran business.  She originally founded the company with a partner and after they separated she had to buy the company back from the original partner. With no money, she had to find a creative way to pull it off. Learn how she was able to raise the capital necessary to buy her ex partner out and take full control of the company.  In 1996 she entered the 8a program winning her first contract with DISA. At one point she remembers a CO asking her what type of vehicle she had and thought what a strange question when we are discussing my company’s capabilities.  Does this sound familiar? If you're like most of us, the beginning stages are a whirlwind of mumbo jumbo, but you must stay the course.  I asked her what changed since being in the business for 30+ years. What training did she have that helped her succeed all these years, and what should successful entrepreneurs fear the most personally, professionally and emotionally.  She tells me the two things that were hard when she started, that still remain a challenge today, how she obtained her first past performance, when did she start hiring people and recommendations for the next generation of small businesses.  As an industry veteran you would be wise to open your ears, close your mouths, relax your mind and focus on Martha’s wisdom for the next 90 minutes.  Let’s welcome our next Giant, Martha Daniel. 
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    114: John Bowen - How to build your business credit and paydex score


    In this episode, my guest John Bowen is the President of Maintenance Services 360. Maintenance Services 360 LLC is an SBA HUB-Zone, FDOT DBE & Minority-Owned Economically Disadvantaged Small Business.  John’s company is an established distributor for national manufacturers in industrial electrical parts, low voltage applications used for electric power transmission and OEM equipment solutions for rail automation and rail electrification. They also offer a comprehensive range of digital products and solutions, which are flexible and individually tailored to customer needs. He is also the Vice President of Credit360, which was established to assist individuals restore their personal credit and to offer a complete line of business credit solutions. Credit360 is a financial services firm specializing in credit restoration and business consulting services. Through their guided strategies they have helped thousands of families and businesses to strengthen their financial portfolio. Stay tuned in this episode as John shares really important information on how you can build your business credit and paydex score.
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    113: Talia Fox - Leadership strategies, building your network and transforming leaders


    My guest for this week’s podcast episode is Talia Fox, the CEO of KUSI Global, Inc. A leadership strategist and a legacy builder, she has transformed thousands of executives over the last two decades in every sector, including major corporations in health, higher education, technology, and government. Talia has assisted leaders in the development of innovative strategies for some of the most critical and complex missions globally, including defense, wealth inequalities, racial and social justice, aviation, and healthcare. She helps organizations maximize human potential by leveraging strategic intelligence and helps individuals and organizations foster connected cultures and promote conscious equity. She has facilitated and designed thousands of interactive learning experiences that support cultural competence, organizational intelligence, productivity, and leadership strategies. Her trainings are widely sought after, and she has been invited to share her expertise in leadership and business strategies globally. Tune in to this episode as Talia shares valuable tips from her leadership strategist experience, building your network, the importance of communications, and more.
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    112: Eric Coffie - Diving into the SBA Programs: SBIC, 7a and 504


    In today’s episode, a previous Youtube Live video of me talking about the SBIC Program. An SBIC or Small Business Investment Company is a privately owned and managed investment fund that’s licensed and regulated by the SBA. So I have discussed some of the leading providers of the SBIC Funds and if you’ve never heard of a fund, you'll probably recognize some of the household names who have benefitted from these programs. The SBIC program is one of the U.S. Small Business Administration's (SBA) financial assistance programs. An SBIC, or Small Business Investment Company, is a privately owned and managed investment fund that's licensed and regulated by SBA. An SBIC uses its own capital, plus funds borrowed with an SBA guarantee, to make equity and debt investments in qualifying small businesses. I also talked about the 7(a) Loan Program, SBA’s most common loan program, which includes financial help for small businesses with special requirements. This is the best option when real estate is part of a business purchase, but it can also be used for short and long-term working capital, refinance current business debt and purchase furniture, fixtures, and supplies.  The maximum loan amount for a 7(a) loan is $5 million. Key eligibility factors are based on what the business does to receive its income, its credit history, and where the business operates. Your lender will help you figure out which type of loan is best suited for your needs. Tune in to this episode now to know more about the SBA Programs.
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    111: Eric Coffie - Special Thanksgiving Episode


    Listen to this week’s podcast, as I talk about the things that I am thankful and grateful for this year in this special episode. My message is to be mindful of the things you consume, to be mindful of your thoughts and your beliefs and actions and to focus your energy and time on the things that really matter that will bring you the success for yourself and your business. In this episode, I shared about how your perspective in life will affect the way you live your life. As a great example, I talked about my recent podcast episode with Rochelle Bell Bonty on how she was about to be laid off from her job to offer her newly formed corporation to perform the work under her company name. And as always, we’re going to keep doing what we do in 2022. We're still going to finish up this year strong and looking forward to setting up a whole new group of entrepreneurs and hitting their six figure contract, hitting their first seven figure in revenues and hitting their  five million dollar mark.  Thank you so much as always, enjoy the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Govcon Giants Podcast podcast

    Making A Giant 013: Maria Martinez and Rochelle Bell Bonty: The amazing comeback story of a woman thriving in the mechanical field


    Today’s guest is Rockstar Rochelle Bonty of Missouri. Rochelle is a mother of 6 who started out working customer service jobs which she hated. From there she got a job with the union as a laborer and then moved up to carpenter. After being laid off from that job she moved to another company and worked in HVAC. But this time around she knew that it could happen again and so she started learning what it took to create her own business. Please do not tune out as I promise this will be one of the best comeback stories you hear for the rest of 2021. Her desire manifested into one of her senior managers showing her the paperwork necessary to start her business and become a women owned minority supplier. She completed all the paperwork and got her business certified as a license mechanical contractor. As luck and fate would have it, that second company informed her that she was going to be laid off. She informed one of the executives at the company that she in fact had all the paperwork and was a registered minority supplier. Once they learned she had a company they then offered her newly formed corporation a 6-figure subcontract to perform the work under her company name. I don’t want to spoil any more of the story because it gets better from there. I just want you to tune in and make sure to show Rochelle some love in the comments because she chose herself the second time around. Hope you enjoy this episode of Making a Giant with Rockstar Rochelle and Maria Martinez.

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