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Goalie Hacks

Mike Santaguida from the Goalie Hacks Blog reveals all of the elite goaltending hacks, tips, and strategies to help you shave your learning curve, and become an elite goaltender faster. Discover how to harness your strengths, stand out in a crowded world, and unlock the keys you’ve been missing to grow mentally and physically, both on and off the ice, to get you to the next level. Mike Santaguida has been playing hockey for over 20+ years, winning several championships, tons of accolades, and has played at the highest levels his entire career, including a few years bouncing around professional leagues now. Self proclaimed “crash test dummy of the goalie world”, you’ll learn about recruiting, on ice training, off ice training, routines, best practices, utilizing the power of your brain, proper preparation, supplements and nutrition, and how to become an elite goaltender as quickly as possible so you can have fun and avoid burning out.This channel is a mix of interviews, special co-hosts and solo shows from Mike you’re not going to want to miss. Press subscribe, and get ready to catapult your career.

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