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Coronavirus: How is Astra Zeneca vaccine safety row affecting public confidence ?

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Concerns voiced over whether Astra Zeneca vaccine causes blood-clots in the brain. Several countries have restricted use of the vaccine until more is known about possible links. Also, China tries to persuade its 'one-child' generation to have more babies, and how Kim Kardashian has joined the ranks of the world's billionaires.

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    Russia retaliates for US diplomatic expulsions


    Moscow expels ten diplomats and blacklists eight US officials after the US imposed sanctions. Also: Raul Castro steps down as Cuban communist leader, and "whitest ever" paint reflects 98% of sunlight.
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    Hong Kong: Several leading pro-democracy activists are jailed


    Media tycoon Jimmy Lai among prominent campaigners who've been given prison sentences. The verdicts come as Beijing cracks down on Hong Kong's rights and freedoms. Also, eight people killed in mass-shooting in Indianapolis, and why research on monkey embryos has generated much interest - and deep controversy.
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    US imposes sanctions on Russia for cyber-attacks


    The US says the measures, which target dozens of Russian entities and officials, aim to deter "Russia's harmful foreign activities". Also: ex-officer Chauvin will not testify in his defence, and the French president visits Notre Dame cathedral two years after fire.
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    Covid-19 surge in India


    The virus is spreading faster in India than anywhere else in the world. Also: the US expels ten Russian diplomats and imposes sanctions, and researchers say magic mushrooms could treat depression.
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    US president says 'it's time to end America's longest war'


    President Joe Biden pledges to support Afghanistan after withdrawing all US troops by the 11th of September. Also: police officer charged over the killing of black motorist in Minnesota, and a grandfather gets lucky after forgetting his reading glasses.
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    Biden's envoy John Kerry goes to China for climate-change talks


    Kerry to talk with Chinese leaders about co-operation in tackling global warming. He says Beijing's involvement is 'absolutely critical' in battle against climate-change. Also, we assess Vladimir Putin's strategy as tensions rise between Russia and Ukraine, and UN issues report on how much 'bodily autonomy' women have across the world.
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    US troops to leave Afghanistan by 11th of September


    President Biden is to announce on Wednesday US troops will leave Afghanistan by mid-September. Also: police chief resigns over black motorist's death in Minnesota, and Mick Jagger tackles the Covid-19 lockdown by writing "Easy Sleazy" song.
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    Ukraine urges NATO to stand up to Russia


    Kyiv wants help with Russian 'aggression'; Moscow says its border troops are no threat. Also: Japan approves releasing Fukushima water into the sea, and a new form of tribal warfare in Papua New Guinea.
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    Minneapolis: State of emergency declared


    The Mayors of Minneapolis and St Paul also impose an overnight curfew in the twin US cities, after unrest that followed the police shooting of a young black man. Also, fears for the health of Russia's opposition leader, Alexei Navalny after 15 kilo weight loss since being sent to prison camp, and W-H-O warns complacency is prolonging the pandemic.
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    Unrest as police shoot a black man near Minneapolis


    Tear gas was fired and an overnight curfew imposed amid anger at the fatal shooting. Also: Iran vows 'to avenge Israeli attack' on its nuclear site, and remembering Yuri Gagarin - the first man in space.

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