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Girl Say Less


This podcast is a place to have open conversations about everyday life. Let's connect and reflect on ways we're learning, have outgrown, have moved on, and are letting go from chapters in our lives to unlock the next level of ourselves. This podcast touches topics on; love, friendships, careers, mindsets, life choices and more.

12 Episodes

  • Girl Say Less podcast

    Episode 12: She's Back!!


    Hey everyone, I'm back!! Sorry, I know it's been a minute, but I'm here to stay! On this episode I'm catching up with your emails and sending out a little self love reminder. Stay tuned!
  • Girl Say Less podcast

    Episode 11: Does social media ruin relationships?


    On this episode I brought in Compton_lc to discuss how relationships can be ruined because of social media. TUNE IN!!
  • Girl Say Less podcast

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  • Girl Say Less podcast

    Episode 10: Spring Cleaning


    Hello Spring, hello everyone. On this episode I talk about getting some things cleaned out in our everyday lives, staying positive, and reconnecting with yourself! Tap in!! 
  • Girl Say Less podcast

    Episode 9: Red Flags


    On this episode me and my girl Ivy discuss red flags, and how these red flags turn into toxic relationships. Can you relate? Tune in. 
  • Girl Say Less podcast

    Episode 8: Girls Night Card Game


    On this episode I invited three of my really good friends to play a "straight up" girl talk card game. Maybe mixing alcohol with these type questions wasn't the best idea lol, but heyyyy... it was fun!! Disclosure: The mic droppings and sound movements come with the "too many shots!" LOL!
  • Girl Say Less podcast

    Episode 7: Detox 2021!


    Hello 2021! How are you guys feeling? On this episode me and my guest/and good friend Jesse talk about finding someone who simplifies your life, someone who matches your hustle, and simply makes YOUR life easier. Also, introducing the LETS TALK segment on the Podcast. Lets start this new year around positive energy.  
  • Girl Say Less podcast

    Episode 6: Let that SHIT go!!


    Goodbye 2020!! This has been a hard year for many people, and a year to remind us to be thankful for what we do have. If anything left in 2020 didn't keep you happy, leave it there. 
  • Girl Say Less podcast

    Episode 5: Who cheats more? Men or Women?


    On today's episode I've got two of my good friends giving their male's perspective about cheating, dating, and "today's" dating views. Tune in!
  • Girl Say Less podcast

    Episode 4: Short term relationship turned into marriage vs Long term relationships ending in a breakup.


    On this episode one of my best friends Andrea and her husband Erwin ender the podcast to share about how they both "knew" it was about to get real with marriage and building a family at only three months of dating. Contradicting the average "long term" relationships that you end up in either settling or breaking its off. How long does it really take to know someone is "The one?" 
  • Girl Say Less podcast

    Episode 3: Relationships vs Situationships


    On this Episode I have one of my best friends (Kemberlyn)  join me and discuss Relationships vs Situationships. You think you know the difference? Let's see...

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