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Generative Energy Podcast

Danny Roddy

"If we learn to see problems in terms of a general disorder of energy metabolism, we can begin to solve them." —Raymond Peat PhD

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    #72: Thyroid Hormone Troubleshooting | Ray Peat Wrong About Fish Oil? | Environmental Pollutants with Keith Littlewood


    00:00 - Catch-up with Keith, Keith's introduction to Ray 10:36 - The usefulness of thyroid hormone supplementation, the problem with lab tests 14:05 - Is thyroid hormone supplementation natural? 16:53 - How does a person investigate thyroid hormone supplementation? Taking too much at once 22:30 - Amounts of thyroid to investigate (one grain = ~12.5 micrograms of T3 and ~50 micrograms of T4) 25:16 - Broda Barnes. Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness. 1976 "The proper dosage for any individual is the minimum needed to relieve symptoms. Most commonly, in adults, this is two grains; three grains sometimes are needed. rarely four grains may be required. The basal temperature may still be a little low. but one is treating symptoms, not temperature per se."  29:19 - T3 to T4 ratio 31:26 - Metrics to help a person gain autonomy with thyroid: pulse, cholesterol, temperature, edema, etc. 34:32 - Digestive problems and supplemental thyroid, low cholesterol, nitric oxide 37:54 - Keith's research on thyroid function and pollution, air conditioning  42:45 - Keith's social media, how to work with him 44:57 - Question: what does revere T3 do? 48:55 - The role of oysters and liver in nutrition, vitamin A, prealbumin (transthyretin) 48:55 - Question: high adrenaline, fear, CO2 55:33 - Question: thoughts on natural desiccated thyroid vs. synthetic?  01:03:57 - Question: thyroid hormone supplementation timing  01:04:46 - Question: how is Keith preparing for an inhospitable future for nonconformists 01:07:28 - Question: post-vaccine protection? Insensitivity to a dangerous therapy as a sign of a poor quality of life 01:13:29 - Question: how could estrogen make a person feel good? 01:18:12 - Question: what is the main problem with omega-3 fats? EPA as a COX-2 inhibitor, lipid peroxidation
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    #71: SSRIs Increase Estrogen | Keto, Stress, and NAD+/NADH | Bioenergetic Tradition | Alzheimer's with Georgi Dinkov


    00:00 - Catch-up, BPA in paper towels, pandemic bonds, Australia, Cyber Polygon, online ID, Facebook "whistleblower" 17:06 - SSRI drugs decrease androgens, progestogens, increase estrogens 27:02 - Motivation and hypothesis for this show ("following in a bioenergetic tradition"), stress, energy, sugar, fats 45:29 - Idealabs update, methoxy harmalane, trapoxin, vikasol, b1, b3, cancer 57:09 - Alzheimer’s patients have lower metabolic rate and higher fatty acid oxidation, lipid peroxidation, hypothyroidism 01:03:28 - For most individuals, the risks of keto diets outweigh the benefits, NAD+/NADH, hypoxia, electron flow, ketone body ratio 01:10:50 - Outro, Georgi's life, squid game's depiction of the elite
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  • Generative Energy Podcast podcast

    #70: Life After Death? | Synchronicity | Sexual Insatiability | Deja Vu | Autoimmunity | Communism with Ray Peat


    00:00 - Catch-up, Ray's take on Australia (CIA), why do the power elites want to turn the U.S.A into a third world country? 02:50 - Military vaccination, dishonorable discharge, government class issues different vaccines than public 05:57 - Dolores Cahill, personal liability lawsuit, vaccine coercion, Eric Schmidt's presentation to the pentagon 09:58 - Vanguard and BlackRock, World Economic Forum 10:55 - Is this whole "pandemic" going to plan? 12:11 - Possible future panic-producing psychological operations 12:41 - Moving to the Appalachian Mountains? Poverty of the Internet culture, Monterrey Mexico 15:47 - Strategy of confusion? Kurt Lewin, Tavistock, communist party of the U.S. supporting Hilary Clinton 17:54 - What is Ray working on right now? Immune system, Jamie Cunliffe, Polly Matzinger 22:34 - Chronic tissue injury, endotoxin, and "autoimmunity" 27:10 - Carnivore diet, reduced endotoxin and "autoimmunity" 28:30 - How harmful is endotoxin compared to the other stress substances? Main mechanism increased estrogen? 30:23 - How to obtain Ray's newsletter and books, buying Progest-E 30:59 - Question: regaining fertility using progesterone? 33:04 - Question: the role of posture in health? DHEA, testosterone, progesterone, pregnenolone, fascia 35:49 - Question: are apes devolved humans? Eating bugs 42:31 - Question: what does Ray think about life after death? 'Neutrino sea as the aether,' reincarnation, soul, deja vu, synchronicity, 'brain as a filtering device' 59:14 - Question: safety of dental implants? 01:01:38 - Question: purpose of the booster shots? 01:03:43 - Question: is Ray a social anarchist? Health of the populace 01:10:29 - Question: estrogen and sexual insatiability? 01:12:08 - Question: is celibacy dangerous? 01:13:07 - Question: a biological take on homosexuality? Finasteride 01:15:54 - Question: Hitler, freemasons, bankers 01:18:01 - Question: are ants national socialists? 01:20:57 - Question: is Ray Peat a communist? Christianity and communism, Wilhelm Reich 01:23:40 - Question: how to approach extreme obesity? Liposuction, fasting, one meal per day, DNP, thyroid 01:28:17 - Question: activities for brain health? 01:28:58 - Question: reducing loneliness in the current culture? 01:30:18 - Question: how to increase attraction and pheromones 01:34:05 - Question: protection from forced vaccination?
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    #69: Nutrition Examples | Safe Antibiotics | Thyroid Supplementation | The Iatrogenesis Epidemic with Danny Roddy


    00:00 - Start, subscribe to substack for exclusive and uncensored content 01:49 - Mission statement for solo streams 03:18 - Question: do you have any long-term goals? 05:06 - Question: reversing gum recession? 06:26 - Question: does DHEA promote sugar oxidation? Cortisol, free fatty acids, DHEA is like thyroid 10:34 - Question: raw milk, PCOS, estrogen 13:20 - Question: how to prepare food on the go? 14:12 - Question: oral temperature vs. underarm temperature? 15:08 - Question: will you have the autist Ray Peat group chat on the show? 15:35 - Question: the role of iatrogenesis in coronavirus deaths? 18:46 - Question: one meal per day, bodybuilding, Rhoda Patrick 20:39 - Question: what to do for "addiction"? 23:49 - Question: why Mexico? How did you move? 25:05 - Question: thoughts on greying of hair? 28:06 - Question: shrinking a goiter with progesterone and thyroid? 29:15 - Question: do you have a favorite animal? 29:44 - Question: are you religious? 31:42 - Question: is olive oil better than coconut oil for the carrot salad? 33:09 - Question: does being cold promote hair loss? 35:06 - Question: simple suggestions for old parents to improve their health? 35:47 - Question: what are your concerns about the vaccine? 38:01 - Question: can you explain further about your experience with safe antibiotics? 40:02 - Question: possible factors for skin inflammation? 41:46 - Question: could a high milk diet increase immunity? 42:10 - Question: long-term problems with antihistamines and anticholinergics? 44:05 - Question: what's the best alternative to milk? 44:55 - Question: what are your favorite documentaries? 46:12 - Question: what would an ultimate Ray Peat Mexico retreat look like? 47:28 - Question: do you filter your water?  48:03 - Question: is lactic acid a harmful additive? 48:55 - Question: is rice a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor? 49:16 - Question: shedding after using cynomel (T3)? 50:39 - Question: recovery after birth control and SSRI use? 51:32 - Question: how to fulfill B1 requirements? 52:16 - Question: will you have Kyle Mamounis and Ray Peat on your show? 53:29 - Question: current thoughts on practical EMF mitigation? 54:31 - Question: improving oil production in the skin? 54:57 - Question: how would you break up a cynoplus tablet throughout the day? 55:35 - Question: how much cheese would a person need if that was their only source of calcium? 56:22 - Question: how much vitamin D do you apply to your skin every day? Is 10% absorbed? 57:52 - Question: what is a typical day of eating for you? 58:53 - Question: podcast with moreplatesmoredates? 59:31 - Question: how to overcome hypercarotenemia (orange skin)? 01:00:47 - Question: supplements for pregnancy and constipation? 01:03:02 - Question: thoughts on the bioenergetic approach to pattern hair loss? 01:04:43 - Question: do you supplement with magnesium? 
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    #68: Nutrition for Thyroid Function | Serotonin and Libido | CO2 and Cancer with Georgi Dinkov


    00:00 - Catch-up with Georgi, cultural events 21:53 - Protein and saturated fats beneficial, PUFA detrimental for thyroid, 'PTH as the liaison between the thyroid and HPA,' milk and migraines 31:28 - Serotonin puts the brakes on libido, by lowering dopamine, melanin, dopamine, SHBG 45:36 - The Generative Energy Podcast is now on, Idealabs update, B1, niacinamide 59:46 - Achilles heel of cancer discovered – its lack of CO2, pyruvate dehydrogenase, aging 01:06:01 - Vitamins D and E in immunity 01:09:51 - Vitamin D, reducing fat oxidation may treat lung fibrosis, tryptophan hydroxylase 01:16:26 - Endotoxin (LPS) causes rheumatoid arthritis…and COVID-19, antibiotics, chronic fatigue syndrome, "autoimmunity" 01:21:41 - Outro, Danny's thoughts on Mexico, ‘one false flag away from complete tyranny,’ 9/11 Bush terror nonsense
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    #67: Weaponized Art and Language | Iron Overload | Ant Physiology | PTH | Lactic Acid with Ray Peat


    00:00 - Art, knowledge, CIA, Congress for Cultural Freedom, Chomsky, language, consciousness, genetic-determinism 17:43 - Ray's new newsletter: estrogen, iron, degenerative aging, and progesterone 19:12 - What are common misconceptions that Ray touches upon in the newsletter? 20:09 - Iron overload, anemia, hemoglobin, hematocrit 22:05 - Estrogen promotes the retention of iron 23:00 - How do androgens increase hematocrit and hemoglobin? 23:48 - What is the purpose of fever? 24:38 - How does iron overload relate to calcium metabolism? 28:25 - Gilbert Ling's associate induction hypothesis, lactic acid, intracellular pH, iron 28:33 - CO2 is protective from excess iron 34:28 - What's the primary conductor of the metabolism? CO2, consciousness 35:27 - Is parathyroid hormone the strongest stimulator of lactic acid? Is parathyroid hormone the final common path of metabolic stress? 37:33 - Is there a way to make cells more resistant to PTH? 40:32 - How to obtain Ray's newsletter and books, Progest-E progesterone from Kenogen  41:04 - How does progesterone relate to parathyroid hormone?  42:05 - Anti-serotonin drugs for osteoporosis? 43:11 - Progesterone opposes prostaglandin E, COX-2, aromatase 45:07 - What's the main mechanism activating aromatase? 46:49 - Cell stability and structural integrity, progesterone, estrogen, vitamin C 51:44 - How does lipofuscin impair cellular respiration?  53:42 - How can people think about what's happening right now? Ruling class vs. working class 55:32 - 'The double vaccinated becoming unvaccinated' 57:39 - Marx and Illich predicting medical tyranny 59:48 - Measuring the blood for angiotensin 01:00:38 - China's vaccination campaign 01:02:44 - Measuring the rate of metabolism by collecting the urine 01:03:56 - '50 micrograms of T3 will usually normalize a hypothyroid person' 01:05:26 - Ray's thoughts on Mexico, election fraud 01:08:24 - Ray's thoughts on Afghanistan 01:10:19 - Are any animals evil? Ants, hunting 01:12:21 - Ray's favorite examples of mutual aid in the animal kingdom 01:16:15 - How do ants communicate? 01:18:24 - What's so special about ants? CO2, aging 01:19:35 - Ray's advice for romantic grief (heartbreak) 01:20:48 - Ray's view on ontology? William James's radical empiricism 01:25:12 - Non-toxic ways of oil painting 01:25:53 - What does a typical day look like for Ray? 01:27:37 - Ray's parting thoughts, are the powers that be winning?
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    #66: What is Ray Peat Wrong About? | Living in Mexico | Nutrition Dogma | Increase Nitric Oxide? with Danny Roddy


    00:00 - Intro, mission statement 02:08 - Question: am I dogmatic? 11:00 - Question: what is Ray Peat wrong about? 15:50 - Question: origin story? 16:20 - Question: increase nitric oxide? 18:45 - Question: best places to live in Mexico? Food quality? 21:25 - Question: what is the situation in Mexico? 25:02 - Question: how is the DHT experiment going? Coffee before bed, EMF tent 28:35 - Question: shipping in Mexico? 29:17 - Question: is fasting risky? 29:57 - Question: waking up in pain, fibromyalgia 31:49 - Question: thoughts on bell's palsy 32:27 - Question: important to wean off thyroid? 32:49 - Question: how would you manage without a thyroid supplement? Will thyroid interfere with a person's own production? 37:16 - Question: is it necessary to take vitamin K with a small amount of aspirin? 39:07 - Question: anterolateral leg alopecia, arterial stiffness, baldness, vitamin D, CO2 42:59 - Question: weight gain and acne with coffee? 44:09 - Question: identifying hypothyroidism, cholesterol, TSH, temperature, pulse, adrenaline, milk 48:00 - Question: gentle bioenergetic therapies 48:41 - Question: T3 only? 48:53 - Question: milk quality in the U.S. 50:09 - Question: ways to increase DHT? 50:30 - Question: mushrooms or carrot? 50:46 - Question: have you tried casein? 51:31 - Question: astaxanthin? 53:16 - Question: mast cell activation syndrome? Progesterone, estrogen, PTH, calcium, vitamin D 57:49 - Question: migraines and vertigo?
  • Generative Energy Podcast podcast

    #65: Aspirin | Hysteresis | Antibiotics | Citric Acid | Childhood Metabolism | Endotoxin | Stress with Georgi Dinkov


    00:00 - Skip setup music, catch-up with Georgi, cultural happenings 19:48 - Cellular “memory” of stress can be passed on for 50+ generations 28:37 - Endotoxin (LPS) as a cause of liver disease, obesity and diabetes, HDL 37:15 - Aspirin reduces symptom severity, COVID-19 mortality by half, cancer 46:52 - Idealabs update 54:47 - Metabolically, children are different species compared to adults, pulse rate 01:03:34 - Manufactured citric acid is a powerful inflammatory/allergy agent, gums, MCT oil, carrageenan, silica, titanium dioxide, ascorbic acid 01:10:57 - Doxycycline can CURE melanoma in humans, antibiotics 01:13:37 - Question: what to look for when buying cheese? 01:17:38 - Question: ginger's benefits? 01:18:26 - Question: protecting immunity? 01:20:29 - Question: how are you guys keeping your cool among cultural happenings?
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    #64: Life | Energy | Estrogen | Fibrosis | Calcification | Process Theology | Altruism with Ray Peat


    00:00 - Skip setup music, Ray's July newsletter, lipofuscin, estrogen, fibrosis 03:47 - What is the standard medical view of fibrosis? What is Ray's view? 06:13 - Is fibrosis the result of excessive cellular reduction? Intracellular calcium, PTH, iron 20:50 - What organismc signal leads to the development of a tumor? Inflammation, fibrosis, calcification 14:05 - What hormones are coordinating fibrosis? Estrogen, PTH, prolactin, aldosterone, growth hormone, serotonin, TSH, gonadotrophins 16:12 - What's the role of the prostaglandins and leukotrienes? "Essential fatty acids," mead acid 19:41 - Ray's various "names" for hormones: estrogen, aldosterone, serotonin, prolactin 23:02 - Prolactin, estrogen, activation of stem cells 23:21 - What's the role of fibrin in fibrosis? Iron, ferritin, hepcidin, vitamin E 29:00 - Does every viral infection involve inflammation? Exosomes, retroviruses  32:15 - How to subscribe to Ray's newsletter, order Ray's books, Progest-E from Kenogen, topical application of progesterone with olive oil 40:39 - Ray on David E. Martin's work, Eric Schmidt, empire wars, artificial intelligence 44:56 - 'China are better capitalists than their opposition' 46:24 - 'It could reduce world population by 80-90%' 51:41 - "More life and more energy can solve many of the basic problems of life." Ray Peat (1994)  53:15 - Einstein, space-time, Michelson-Morley aether 56:11 - Question: What is a healthy way to look at the world? What is an unhealthy way to look at the world? 58:40 - Question: Ray's take on process theology, David Ray Griffin 1:02:28 - Suspending judgment as a quality of a high metabolic rate 1:03:08 - Question: Ray's take on Marx's scientific method and social revolution, Nelson Rockefeller, Christian communism, Rothschilds, Club of Rome, WEF 1:06:43 - Question: How much does intuitive thinking coincide with intellectual processing? Altruism, basic needs, injury 1:10:48 - Question: Is seeking revenge always serotonergic? Alice Miller, Weillhelm Reich, love 1:18:08 - Question: How does the mind affect biological processes? Routine vs. novelty 1:22:02 - Question: How to reset trauma in a tortured dog 1:23:07 - Question: What are Ray's thoughts on 'planes of existence? Why did the second signal system evolve?
  • Generative Energy Podcast podcast

    #63: Immunity | Vitamin D | Infertility | Vitamin E | Cardiolipin | PUFA | Aging with Georgi Dinkov


    00:00 - Catch-up chat, David E. Martin, cyberattack, transhumanism, Georgi's hospital experience 34:58 - Variants 38:03 - Miscarriage 45:06 - Idealabs update 50:21 - Vitamin E for immunity, AIDS 59:32 - Vitamin D improves ovarian reserves in women with infertility, Kate Deering and Kitty Blomfield interview Ray Peat about vitamin D 01:03:10 - Aging is an energy deficiency problem, taking cardiolipin may reverse it, PUFA, lipid peroxidation 01:08:48 - Idealabs update, outro

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