Generation Stage podcast

Generation Stage

David Tieck, Sharnema Nougar, Caitlin Yolland, Jackson Eather and Hallie Goodman

Five actor comedians step into a room, generative AI is also in that room, they could either fight it or use it for their dastardly deeds. And they decide to become complete dastards.

It's Actors vs AI.

It's the future before your eyes.

And even more than that it's the future between your ears. Podcasting has finally met it's artificially created script stage, hold on tight, especially if your driving your car, people often hold their steering wheels way too loose.

Or as AI says... In the epic tale "Actors vs AI", five talented actor comedians converge in a room, but little do they know that they are not alone. In their midst lies a powerful generative AI, a force that could either be their ally or their adversary.As tensions rise, the actors are faced with a choice: to fight against the AI or to join forces with it in their nefarious schemes. They opt for the latter, setting off a chain of events that will reverberate throughout the world.As podcasting reaches new heights, the actors' dastardly deeds unfold in a thrilling battle between human creativity and artificial intelligence. With each passing moment, the future becomes more uncertain, both before our eyes and within our minds.Buckle up, dear listener for the journey ahead is a wild one. As the actors face off against the AI, the stakes have never been higher. Will their cunning wit and improvisational skills be enough to triumph over the cold, calculated logic of the AI? Only time will tell in "Actors vs AI", the podcasting masterpiece that will leave you on the edge of your seat.Starring - Hallie Goodman, Jackson Eather, Caitlin Yolland, Sharnema Nougar, and David Tieck .

32 Episodes