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Fort Worth Weekly Music Award NOMs 2023

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Its that time of year again and this year I decided to do something different. Instead of playing my favorite tracks or playing music that didn't make it, this year I am playing one song from 13 different categories that I am not familiar with or has never been played on the show. Its a great way to find new music! Go through the categories and find bands you don't know and check them out. You may find a new favorite.



Dave Cave - Summer Suite (Album)

BLKrKRT- Backmasking (Avante Garde)

Broke String Burnett - A Bump in the Road (Americana/Roots)

Texas Scratch - I'd Rather be Lucky than Good (Blues)

Cory Cross Band - Reason to Drink (Country)

Ah Pook the Destroyer - Beatitudes (Folk)

ItsErnie - Ten (Hip Hop Artist)

Sleepy Atlantis - Lazy Recollection (New Band)

Iron Jaw - The Wolf King (Metal)

Hotcake Hand Grenade - Rotten Scumbag (Punk)

Simone Nicole - Divine (Pop)

BenCJones - She's Fancy (R&B/Soul)

Rewind the Sun - Hey You (Rock Band)

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