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Cover 3 - Week 9 NFL Picks Against the Spread

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We are back for week 9 of the NFL season, which means our 9th installment of this year's version of the Cover 3 podcast.

I am joined by Tyler Hayward, per usual to talk all things NFL.

We also cover our takeaways from the College football playoff rankings reveal.

This week we cover:







As always, thanks for listening.

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  • FlipSide 4 Your Ears podcast



    Following our first 6-0 week of the year, We return for our picks for the divisional round.  Tyler is normally on to give his picks but is a little under the weather, so i decided to have my dad on as a guest host. . .  We kept it on the rails as i really feared that we would start laughing about stuff and forget we were recording. After much touching up and taking out the off color humor, we have arrived at the 4 most likely scenarios for the Divisional round.  My dad covers the AFC, I take the NFC.  We talk Quarterbacks, Coaches, spreads, over unders, legacies, lines, injuries and more.  DO NOT MISS THIS EPISODE. 6-0 is about to be 10-0.  Thank you as always for listening. Follow us on all social media platforms, as well as apple,spotify, and google podcasts. Have a great weekend. 
  • FlipSide 4 Your Ears podcast

    Cover 3 - NFL Wild Card Weekend Against the Spread


    On this episode, our feet are to the fire. There is no more picking and choosing the bets that we like. Tyler tackles the AFC; Nate takes a shot at the NFC spreads.  As usual, we talk about a bunch of other stuff including: NFL Coaching Carousel Coaching matchups and what it means for this weekend's.
  • FlipSide 4 Your Ears podcast

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    Cover 3 - NFL Week 18 Picks Against the Spread


    On this bittersweet episode: WEEK 18 is here! Time flies when you're having fun.  We talk Antonio Brown: - Where he stands historically. - Who is his comparison?  - Do people forget how good he really was? PLUS:  Steelers/Ravens Packers/Lions Titans/Texans Cowboys/Eagles 49ers/Rams Colt/Jaguars 
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    Cover 3 - Week 17 NFL Picks Against the Spread


    On this episode: We discuss the passing of one of, if not the most important figure in NFL History. John Madden passed away at 85 years old. And of course: Our Best Bets for Week 17. Texans/Niners Browns/Steelers Cardinals/Cowboys Packers/Vikings Rams/Ravens Chiefs/Bengals
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    Cover 3 - NFL Week 16 Picks Against the Spread


    on todays show we give you the 6 best bet point spreads for week 16 of the NFL.  Rams/Vikings Colts/Cardinals Dolphins/Saints 49ers/Titans Bills/Patriots Steelers/Chiefs
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    Cover 3 Week 15 NFL Picks Against the Spread


    After we were bailed out by a backdoor cover, and 2 overtime covers to put us at 3-3 on the week, Tyler and I are back at it for week 15. We make our picks that you should definitely tail. Rams/Seahawks Raiders/Browns Chiefs/Chargers Packers/Ravens Jaguars/Texans Vikings/Bears We also talk -Deion Sanders and Urban Meyer causing absolute devastation to northern Florida.  -Micah Parsons. - Tyler talks college sports. 
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    Simply STEPH, Simply the Best


    I am joined on this special episode of the Flipside sports podcast by my Cover 3 cohost, Tyler Hayward. We are talking all things hoops this time.  We discuss how impressive Steph Curry's career has been, his record setting performance, and what he has done to and for the game of basketball.  Deserving of his own episode, Tyler and I breakdown what it's been like to watch him, what makes him different, and what it will take for someone else to become the greatest shooter of all time. Steph Curry is deserving of everything he has accomplished and is yet to accomplish. In a career that was marred by injury early on, Steph has bounced back to become one of the greatest players of all time and certainly one of the most unique. The unguardable, irreplaceable, revered, respected, and feared. Stephen Curry. 
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    Cover 3 - NFL Week 14 Picks Against the Spread


    On today's episode, we look to build on our recent success by previewing 6 games to bet against the spread this week. 49ers/Bengals Ravens/Browns Steelers/Vikings Rams/Cardinals Lions/Broncos Bills/Bucs
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    Cover 3 - Week 13 NFL Picks Against the Spread


    On this show Tyler and I take aim at 6 games that we think the books are missing. We will not only tell you who you should pick, but why?  The difference between us and the other services is that we "show our work" as math teachers around the world like to say. On this episode we will preview: Patriots/Bills Dolphins/Giants 49ers/Seahawks Colts/Texans Cards/Bears Vikes/Lions
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    Cover 3 - Week 11 NFL Picks Against the Spread


    On this episode of the Cover 3 podcast, we cover all of the games that we have an edge in.  Patriots/Falcons NE -6.5 Colts/Bills BUF - 7 Cowboys/Chiefs KC -2.5 Packers/Vikings GB -2.5 Giants/Bucs TB - 11 Dolphins/Jets MIA - 3 Last week was another successful week for us, going 4-2 ATS again. That is 2 straight weeks at 4-2. 

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