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Today’s ever-changing business landscape requires companies to continually evolve by adopting increasingly smarter and more efficient solutions to remain competitive. Strategic work “on the business” and not just “in the business” must be a priority for leaders looking to drive measurable, strategic growth. FivesSquared specializes in integrated business and technology consulting driven by the belief: smart solutions must be developed based on strategic goals and driven by smart tools. From foundational organizational structure and core process development through technology, to the software selection process and on-site integration, FivesSquared offers for-profit and nonprofit organizations a complete suite of customizable advisement services. ​ We understand every organization is facing unique internal and external circumstances and that for-profit and nonprofit organizations have particular needs specific to their operational and financial goals. Our customizable services offer flexibility, but are rooted in a proven process based on delivering measurable results.

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  • FivesSquared's podcast podcast

    Interview with Eddie Picasso


    In this episode, we explore the journey of Eddie Picasso,  Please sit back and enjoy learning how the power of choice, mindset, and conscious decisions shaped Eddie's journey.   Eddie Picasso is a second-generation immigrant tried and tested by the best South Texas has to offer. Raised in the Rio Grande Valley by a single mother, Eddie considers himself a life-long business student at heart. Eddie is now a Life and Business Coach at where he helps leaders transform their fears into relentless energy, courage, and passion. A former student at the University of Texas Pan-American, Devry University, and Arizona State University, Eddie completed a personal growth tour training in leadership from Tony Robbins, John Maxwell, Dave Ramsey, Mark and Magaly Peysha, and Grant Cardone. Eddie’s commitment to contribution has led him to connect with students as a guest speaker in Colleges in his community. Eddie is a content contributor across various platforms and you can catch his segments on leadership on “The 80: Eighty Seconds with Eddie,” on his official Facebook page @eddiepicassoofficial.     Produced by FivesSquared 1-855-570-0055 Facebook 
  • FivesSquared's podcast podcast

    OpenDoor Training - Helping those who support individuals with Dementia


    In this episode, we speak with Lori D.  founder of open door training.  Her journey has seen the kernel of the entrepreneurial spirit blossom into a robust business.  Her focus on dementia training offers engaging training that you will actually use in your day-to-day work with individuals living with dementia and their families.    I a few short months she planned, prepared and is hosting an amazing full day workshop right here in central PA.  She already has over 100 attendees paid and registered.  Her success has come from intense focus, dedication, and proven tactics that got her to exceed her goals!   Check out all of OpenDoor Training offering By clicking here OpenDoor Training on Facebook   Tim
  • FivesSquared's podcast podcast

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  • FivesSquared's podcast podcast

    Managing your mindset : Special Edition


    I was asked to expound on why mindset is important, and how to manage your mindset.   In this episode, I give the fundamentals,    1. You get to decide  2. We are products of how we have been programmed 3. Where is your excitement,  engaging your passion!   I hope you enjoy the episode!     Tim 1-855-570-0055
  • FivesSquared's podcast podcast

    Does your marketing message match your targets?


    Welcome Back!  In this episode, we chat with Andrew Gaiennie, about the changes in how we present our marketing message.  We explore how the millennial shift has led marketers to change the tone and overall message to appeal to the next generation.   Want to know more about how we can help your business?  Schedule a meeting right now at: Schedule a Meeting   Tim's Contact Information 1-855-570-0055   FaceBook:  
  • FivesSquared's podcast podcast

    You have the power to choose how you live, the impact you make on this world


    I had the opportunity this week to speak at Ken McArthur's impact live.  It was profound, Ken's mission is to make all of us realize that we make an impact on others whether we know it or not.   For more about Ken checks this out:   We get to choose if we are a victim of our circumstances or we can declare that we are in control.  Be Productive or Be Busy..  you decide!   Tim
  • FivesSquared's podcast podcast

    Interview with Trish Zeltwanger and Vincent Brady


    In this episode, I had the pleasure to speak to my good friend Trish about the services PenMar Human Services provide to the local business community.  I also got to meet my new friend Vincent Brady.   Learn more about what Vincent can do for your company in this episode, and if you would like to learn more about PenMar feel free to contact Trish: Tricia Zeltwanger Career Counselor Penn-Mar Human Services 10709 Susquehanna Trial Glen Rock, Pa 17327 Office: 717-235-8068 ext. 239   FivesSquared Tim Fives 1-855-570-0055   FaceBook:  
  • FivesSquared's podcast podcast

    Junior League of York - Interview with Kellie Boysen


    In this episode, we speak with Kellie Boysen of Alternative HR.  Kellie is actively involved with the Junior League of York.  They have several events coming up in the New Year.   Poverty Simulation Jan 25th Starting at 6 pm ReviFlats Building  46 West Market Street York, PA   Little Black Dress Fundraiser: February 5-9    For more information on either event Please contact Kellie at  or Find Junior League of York on Facebook:  Junior League of York   For More information about Kellie's Company Alternative HR: Facebook Phone: 717-855-5589   For Information about Tim Fives and FivesSquared:   Timothy Fives Founder, FivesSquared   Phone: 1-855-570-0055  Mobile: 1-717-855-0731  Email:  Website:  Address: 257 East Market Street York, PA 17403 
  • FivesSquared's podcast podcast

    Conscious Capitalism - Addressing Stakeholders not Shareholders


    I'm pleased to have with us in this episode Ryan McShane Founder of HR Evolution LLC.  Ryan is a professor at York College and teaches at Towson University.  He is an authority on leadership, with a focus on how HR is a critical asset to hyper-performing companies.    In this episode, we take an in-depth look at Conscious Capitalism. How this concept puts people first.    Notes from the show:  A few Companies that have not downsized:   The other company where I couldn't think of the name is Next Jump,  Here is a great article on them.   About our Guest: Find Ryan on Facebook at:   About the Host: Tim Fives Founder of FivesSquared 1-855-570-0055   Have a topic,  let us know here !!
  • FivesSquared's podcast podcast

    Interested in starting a business- The business Canvas is where to start


    In this episode, Devon and I discuss why the business canvas is such an important tool when starting a business.  Devon used the business canvas in his Entrepreneurial studies at York College and we promote the business canvas through SCORE.     The goal of the Business Canvas is to get you thinking about all of the aspects and resources that are all around us for business.  A successful business isn't done alone, and the successful Entrepreneur is at the core resourceful.  This tool is a great starting point. We dedicate this Pod Cast to Steve Sanderson, who wanted to know what things should go into a business plan.  Steve, We hope this covers it!   Link to Example Canvas's  If you have a suggestion for a topic, contact us below. Phone: 1-855-570-0055  Email:  Website:  Address: 257 East Market Street York, PA 17403 Facebook: FivesSquared Podcast Page Facebook:  FivesSquared Company Page
  • FivesSquared's podcast podcast

    Executing Your Great Entrepreneurial Ideas


    In this episode we learn from Dave Romeo, a simple strategy to turn you great ideas into a business.   Dave is a goalsetting master who has written down and completed more than 4,000 goals in the past 15 years.   He’s also Guinness world record holder for bass fishing and he’s fished all over the world, from the Hawaiian Islands to Loch Ness, Scotland.   He’s the host of the Focused on Success with Dave Romeo television and Internet series and the creator of the Dave Romeo Encourager in Chief weekly blog.   Dave Romeo's Contact information: Follow Dave Romeo on Facebook Dave Romeo: Encourager in Chief weekly blog Focused on Success with Dave Romeo TV Show     Tim Fives    

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