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Finding Soul Rest


What does it mean to truly find rest? Jesus tells us that he "will give us rest." But what does that look like in a society marked by increasing rates of overcommitment and burnout? Too many of us have built unhealthy cycles of rest, striving and straining against God's intent for our lives. In Finding Soul Rest, Curtis Zackery provides a practical guide to finding the deep soul rest that Jesus promises. And it all centers around renewing and restoring our relationship with Christ. This thoughtful devotional on rest calls us to the intentional work of self-examination, helping us move toward a purposeful and sustainable life with Jesus.

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  • Finding Soul Rest podcast

    Preparing the Ground for Growth


    Sometimes, we only focus on what we think we need to add into our lives so that we can be productive and flourish. When we do this, we tend to forget that the way healthy, sustainable growth will happen is if we properly “prepare the soil.”
  • Finding Soul Rest podcast

    The Gift of Sabbath (Featuring Kristi McLelland)


    Exploring the Sabbath with a Middle Eastern lens can help us to have a broader and more full perspective of what a gift Sabbath is to us from God. Kristi McClelland does an incredible job of capturing the essence of how Sabbath enriches our lives.
  • Finding Soul Rest podcast

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  • Finding Soul Rest podcast

    Rhythms to Remember (Featuring Aaron Shust)


    In this episode, we chat with worship leader Aaron Shust about establishing different rhythms of remembrance so that we can intentionally remind ourselves of the goodness of God continually in every area of our lives.
  • Finding Soul Rest podcast

    Search me, O God


    When we give ourselves the permission to stop and consider the condition of our soul, it leads to an opportunity to address any areas of need. Sometimes, the only way we can truly see the blockage that may be blind to us is through God showing us what we need to see.
  • Finding Soul Rest podcast

    Worshipping through a pandemic (featuring David Leonard)


    Over the last year, so many things required an assessment and new imagination of how they fit and played out in our lives. Worshipping together was one of them. In this conversation, David Leonard talks about what worshipping through the pandemic looked like for he and his family.
  • Finding Soul Rest podcast

    Rest & Creativity (Featuring Jeremy Cowart)


    In a time that is filled with so much tension, art and creativity have provided a type of communication that can cut through the noise in our world. Jeremy Cowart has always done an incredible job of using art as a means to not only express his ideas but also affect change in the world. In this episode he also shares about the beauty and complexity of parenting and adoption.
  • Finding Soul Rest podcast

    Rest in the Mundane (Featuring Christy Nockels)


    Christy Nockels is a wellspring of wisdom when it comes to exploring and establishing rhythms of rest. In this episode, she describes what it’s like to pursue rest in the midst of the rigors of everyday life.   
  • Finding Soul Rest podcast

    Finding Soul Rest


    What is “soul rest” and how do we find it? Probably the first question that comes to mind when checking out this podcast. In this episode we chat a bit about the answer to those questions, and establish a direction for what our time together will look like. 
  • Finding Soul Rest podcast

    Finding Soul Rest Introduction


    This episode is a summary for our Podcast. 

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