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EP 199 Through Womb Trauma to Womb Healing | Stesha Reukauf

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Stesha is passionate about womb healing, energetics and feminine embodiment for women who desire to conceive their babies with unwavering belief & ease without the overthinking, overdoing, doubt & fear.

After a heartbreaking fertility journey and no where to turn, Stesha was brought to the inner work of healing her childhood & generational trauma of unworthiness, not-enoughness, and fear of being seen and taking up space. She was brought even deeper into the awakening of her womb and feminine power. Looking back she knows it all happened for a reason and now guides women struggling to conceive through this incredibly powerful portal to become the mothers they are meant to be.

With 7 years background in root cause medicine, mind-body practice, energy psychology, quantum healing, function nutrition and testing and specialized study in women's fertility along with being a phd candidate in Natural Medicine writing her thesis in energetic womb healing for infertility.

Stesha has the experience and knowledge to guide you through a spiraling journey back home to your power, your fertility, and to the abundant life you desire from a feminine place of ease and flow.


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Free Embodiment Practice: https://courses.steshareukauf.com/embodied-belief
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