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EP 196 Are There Steps That Your Missing In Optimizing Your Fertility Nutrition? | Katie Dewhurst

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Katie started out as a nutritionist and also studied functional medicine, specializing in female health & nutrition. In 2016, she founded Hello Balance, a health and wellness company that helps millennial women optimize their health through food. In 2021, the company expanded into fertility and pregnancy nutrition.


Katie’s Prenatal program has been recommended by celebrity physician Dr. Mark Hyman, Bossbabe, and Girlboss.


Katie is also an expert in managing blood sugar spikes and she has written an actionable nutritional guide and cookbook, The Hello Balance Guide & Cookbook, which has 95+ blood sugar balancing recipes, 5 key fat burning tips, meal building formulas, tips to naturally balance your hormones, intermittent fasting tips and much more, to help women live their best healthy life.


Her health coaching approach is based on the latest science and research and is NOT about restriction, diets, or rigid lifestyles but about eating more of the right foods (which don't have to be boring!) to heal and balance the body from the inside out.






For more information about Michelle, visit www.michelleoravitz.com

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