Failed Save podcast

Failed Save

Saige Ryan, Vince Caso, Kailey Bray, Anthony Carboni, Xander Jeanneret, Gina DeVivo, Aabria Iyengar

Failed Save is a chaotic improv night with magic and dice. A live-play D&D 5E campaign, adventuring with our not quite heroes through the mysterious world of Borros.

32 Episodes

  • Failed Save podcast
  • Failed Save podcast



    In the penultimate episode of this campaign, the crew head towards the city of Beznost for the big battle. However, in the lead up, Bora and Dasle try to escape the vortex (a doll) they’re trapped in, Bora is attacked by a cheetah and a book (yup), and the party says goodbye to one of their longtime friends.
  • Failed Save podcast

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  • Failed Save podcast

    42. The Great Čenic Caper


    With the sacking of Azero behind them, what remains of the rebellion prepares for a heist. They must obtain a mysterious key that’s somewhere inside a building in Cenic hosting an annual gala behind enemy lines. And they’re bringing their demon! Meet Mister Malice Malcontent (played by guest Noxweiler Berf). He’s fun, he grants “wishes”, and he’s classically trained. But as a charismatic demon (Murray is smitten), anything can, and does, happen on this adventure. Grab your snacks and join the fun.
  • Failed Save podcast

    41. Raze and Fall


    The siege begins! The crew attacks the enemy stronghold of Azero. And with the rebellion needing all the help they can get, help surely comes... but not quite the way they expected. Also, Dasle summons a demon and it is bad ass!
  • Failed Save podcast

    40. Point of No Return


    With the surprise return of their ship "The Kombucha", the Failed Save crew head down the coast with their nascently-formed rebellion party on a mission. But that night , when they discover the shipwreck from the other half of their party and no one to be found but their torn and bloody clothes, the party heads out in search of what happened.
  • Failed Save podcast

    39. The Spark & The Flame


    The wedding of Fess and Bora is interrupted by an enemy assault in which our party are caught by surprise with the whole island under attack. Will our party escape? What exactly is “The Clean Slate”? And “KinkRomancer” Barbara shows up to embarrass Murray and commandeers the day with so many double entendres.
  • Failed Save podcast

    37. Has Been, Will Be


    On a quest to revive the rebellion, the crew continue to travel with Murray's trio of friends from the old folks home (as well as Nasiq). In the process, they throw a bachelorette party for Fess, complete with Tiger face-paintings, Murray and Chirp "Freaky Friday", and Guy returns with quite the donk. Repeatedly.
  • Failed Save podcast

    36. The Triumphant Trio


    Silas asks the crew to recruit their friends for the rebellion... and maybe they could start by taking a boat to a somewhat creepy island? Also, Chirp puts his cloaca to an interesting use.
  • Failed Save podcast

    35. Special (One-Shot): Through The Looking Glass


    In this special one-shot adventure, the crew returns to their bar to catch up on their business... and discover Squangarlo and his familiar Bennyantha (Damien Haas) is their employee.
  • Failed Save podcast

    34. A New Rebellion


    With Fess back from the dead, the crew heads out in search of what remains of the rebellion. But along the way we had a first: a confessional from a donk, Ella learned to fly, and Chirp runs into a loved one.

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