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Sabres' Wild Rollercoaster, Canucks Soar, and Who's Buying and Selling

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🎙️ Episode 2 is here! Join the Expansion Bros (@ExpansionBros) as they dissect the Sabres' rollercoaster week, from a tough 9-4 loss to an exhilarating 9-3 victory. The Canucks are on fire, climbing to the top of the league! Dive into the highs and lows with Ryan and Abhi, plus explore the intriguing world of trade deadline speculations. Hockey talk at its best - don't miss out! 🏒🔥 #Sabres #Canucks #NHL #HockeyTalk Make sure to follow the pod on Twitter ⁠@ExpanionBros⁠ for our latest thoughts!

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