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Buffalo's Bleak Horizon: Roster Flawed or Coaching Fizzle? Canucks Shuffle Offers Answers

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The Buffalo Sabres' playoff drought casts a long, depressing shadow. But is the problem a flawed roster or a coaching fizzle? We analyze the Sabres' bleak outlook and the recent shake-up in Vancouver, where Rick Tocchet replaces Bruce Boudreau. Can the Canucks' coaching change shed light on Buffalo's struggles? Are new tactics enough, or does the roster need an overhaul? Join Ryan and Abhi as they dissect the chess match between roster construction and coaching strategy, using the Canucks' experiment as a potential guide for the Sabres' path forward. Buckle up for hot takes, heated debates, and a glimpse into the future of NHL's expansion rivals. Don't miss out, subscribe and join the conversation on Twitter @expanionbros!

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