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Elevating Their Impact

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Elevating Their Impact highlights nonprofits making sustainable impacts on systemic issues around the world. We bring impactful stories of organizations and their clients to you each week as well as ways to support them as a volunteer and financially.

28 Episodes

  • Elevating Their Impact podcast

    What's Next


    Today, we sit down to look back at the past year and forward to what is ahead!  Join us!
  • Elevating Their Impact podcast

    Sustainable Food Center


    Sustainable Food Center transforms the food system to nourish our health, land, and livelihood.  Their work supports local, small to mid-sized farms so they can thrive. Today, we sit down with Morgan Ehmling, Program Manager at Sustainable Food Center, to learn more about how they increase access to healthy, local food and offer education and resources to help individuals and families maintain a healthy diet.
  • Elevating Their Impact podcast

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  • Elevating Their Impact podcast



    48in48 is a nonprofit that utilizes marketing and technology volunteers through skills-based volunteerism by hosting free website build events that serve small nonprofits.  Today, we sit down with Sima Parekh, the Executive Director, to learn more about how she pivoted the organization from onsite build events to entirely virtual events that have spotlighted women and social justice causes for 2021.  48in48 not only survived during the pandemic, it excelled!
  • Elevating Their Impact podcast

    Hope Partnership


    Hope Partnership aims to provide a holistic continuum of care to end homelessness and poverty in Central Florida. Today, we sat down with Rev. Mary Lee Downey, CEO and Founder of Hope Partnership, to learn more about how they do this by connecting service providers, businesses, investors and clients with evidence-based solutions and trauma-informed care practices in order to strengthen communities, empower neighbors, and build hope one heartbeat at a time.
  • Elevating Their Impact podcast

    Chicago Scholars


    Chicago Scholars uniquely selects, trains, and mentors academically ambitious students from under-resourced communities to complete college and become the next generation of leaders who will transform their neighborhoods and city of Chicago.  Today, we hear from Jeffery Beckham Jr., CEO of Chicago Scholars, on how he, his staff, and his team of volunteer mentors serve more than 4,000 first-generation and low-income students to reach their dreams to pursue a college education.  
  • Elevating Their Impact podcast

    The Family Place


    The Family Place has been helping victims of family violence in North Texas since 1978.  Today, we sit down with Melissa Sherill, VP of Development, to learn how the Family Place empowers victims of family violence to become survivors by providing safe housing, counseling and skills that create independence while building community engagement and advocating for social change to stop family violence.
  • Elevating Their Impact podcast

    Rebuilding Together


    Rebuilding Together makes essential repairs to help neighbors stay in their homes.  Today, we sit down with Christine Holland from Rebuilding Together Houston and Jesse Porter from Rebuilding Together Austin to hear how their teams are positioned to address the long-term recovery of communities struck by natural disasters as well as learn about their ongoing commitment to repair homes, revitalize communities, and rebuild lives.
  • Elevating Their Impact podcast

    Shining Light


    Shining Light International equips individuals and resources sustainable programs to create opportunities that empower entire communities and break the cycle of injustice and poverty in northern Pakistan. Today, we sit down with Kezia McNab to learn more about how Shining Light aims aim to serve and be a blessing to those they work with, providing hope for a brighter future through education, training, community development, and encouragement.
  • Elevating Their Impact podcast

    Huston-Tillotson University


    Dr. Colette Pierce Burnette joined Huston-Tillotson University as President and CEO in 2015. She is the first female president of the combined institutions of Huston and Tillotson Colleges. Today, we sat down with Dr. Burnette to learn more about her trailblazing story and the history of those that came before her. We also learn about the rich history of Huston-Tillotson University dating back to 1875 and the unique culture of the campus that is now known to the students as their “fRAMily”. 
  • Elevating Their Impact podcast

    Selamta Family Project


    Selamta Family Project believes every child deserves the love of a family.  Selamta brings children out of institutions and into forever families.  Today, we sit down with Marisa Stam, Executive Director, to hear how her first trip to Ethiopia in 2008 significantly impacted her life.  We will also hear about the incredible impact being made in the lives of the women and children through the formation of forever families as well as the impact that Selamta is making in the surrounding community.

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