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Cory Bryan

Deliver It is a podcast for agile Product Owners. Hosted by Cory Bryan and guests bring their experience and ideas on how to improve the role and techniques they use to deliver value within an agile framework. The show brings together relevant news, discussion, around a central topic and your feedback in a fun and supportive way.

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    [134] - Theory of Everything with Alyssa Knoll


    No matter what method, framework, or practice you are using as a Product Nerd to break down your work, it all comes back to "what" and "how". At least that is what Alyssa Knoll's "Theory of Everything" says and for this episode, she joins the show to discuss the idea, the post she wrote detailing it, and some things that she's learned since then. What way have you seen this theory put into practice? Feedback: twitter - @deliveritcast email - Links: PO Coaching and Consulting - seek taiju Alyssa Knoll - - - “What” and “How”: The Theory of Everything Jeff Gothelf - Output, Outcomes, Impact and KPIs  Marty Cagan - Team Objectives – Empowerment  Spine Model - Intro  Ron Jefferies - A Satirical Website Raises Hackles  David Pereira - 7 Characteristics of Weak Product Management 
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    [133] - Iterate


    All too often what some PO's and teams call an "Iteration", is anything but. Seeing that far too often, this episode explores some of the reasons why and ways to iterate with our teams, products, practices, and selves. Got any tips or tricks to make sure that you are iterating towards success? Feedback: twitter - @deliveritcast email - Links: PO Coaching and Consulting - seek taiju SmartSheet - The Power of Iterative Design and Process  Jeff Patton - Don’t Know What I Want, But I Know How to Get It  Troubleshooting Agile Podcast - Jens-Fabian Goetzmann - The Iteration Imperative  Rich Mironov - Selling Problems (and Then Solutions) Instead of Philosophy Jens-Fabian Goetzmann - Product Teardowns at Yammer 
  • Deliver It Cast podcast

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  • Deliver It Cast podcast

    [132] - Speaking with Intent with David Marquet


    The language that Product Owners use every day plays a big role in how successful our products, teams, and customers will be, not to mention, ourselves. How do we change that language? In his wonderful books, David Marquet explores how he successfully used "Intent" as the driver of change on his submarine and when working in other areas as well. In this episode, we take a look at some of the great advice from his books and leadership nudges to move more towards speaking with intent. Feedback: twitter - @deliveritcast email - Links: PO Coaching and Consulting - seek taiju Daivd Marquet - @ldavidmarquet on twitter - Turn the Ship Around! A True Story of Turning Followers Into Leaders  Leadership Is Language: The Hidden Power of What You Say - and What You Don't  Leadership Nudges - YouTube Ken Sandy - Something Is Not Right in Modern Product Management  Simon Kneafsey - The 2 Best Product Owner I Ever Worked With – The Empowered Product Owner
  • Deliver It Cast podcast

    [131] - Waste


    Product owners see and deal with a lot of waste. It's almost everywhere. In our products, our process, our teams, our daily lives. The struggle is not only in how to eliminate or at least reduce the waste, it's how to get others to know and look for the waste as well. In this episode we will look at what are the 8 wastes from a Lean perspective and what can you do about them. Check out some of the great materials in the links for ways to learn to see the waste and why seeing it is so important. Feedback: twitter - @deliveritcast email - Links: PO Coaching and Consulting - seek taiju Paul Akers - 2 sec lean  Kent Beck - XP Explained  Fluid UI - 21 perfect examples of waste in Lean Product Development  Learnovative - How to manage the 7 wastes if agile software development  Alyssa Knoll - The power of good enough  Scrum Alliance - In search of the perfect product owner 
  • Deliver It Cast podcast

    [130] - Perfection with Geoff Watts


    Have you ever been told you're a perfectionist? Is that really common for Product Owners? Is perfection even possible? In this episode, Geoff Watts joins the show to talk about how this is a trait that can sometimes trap us in our work and with our teams. Also, we discuss some areas where it might be a good thing and how POs can leverage it for a benefit. Feedback: twitter - @deliveritcast email - Links: PO Coaching and Consulting - seek taiju Geoff Watts - @geoffcwatts on twitter - Geoff Watts and Kim Morgan - The Coach’s Casebook  Sean Durham - Why Your Progress is more Important than Perfection  Kevin Wang - The Product Manager’s Guide to Combating Perfectionism  Elizabeth Scott - Perfectionist Traits: Do These Sound Familiar?  Julian Treasure - How to speak so that people want to listen  John Cutler - The Form That Stole 20,531,250 Seconds  James Hoffman - Understanding The AeroPress (Episode #2) with Triangle Test  Society of Sensory Professionals - Triangle Test
  • Deliver It Cast podcast

    [129] - What kind of...


    The simple questions are usually the best. In this episode, I share a question ( or series of questions ) that has been driving a lot of my conversations lately to understand some of the fundamental thinking in companies. Sometimes this reveals things that aren't great and can give a direction for PO's to head in to make things better. Feedback: twitter - @deliveritcast email - Links: PO Coaching and Consulting - seek taiju Paul Akers - Banish Sloppiness  Justin Pot - ‘I don’t know’ is the best phrase for your career  Marty Cagan - The Best vs. The Rest  Forbes - Why Every Company Is A Technology Company 
  • Deliver It Cast podcast

    [128] - Measuring Things


    What is it about measurements that cause so much grief? There's a great number of things that we should be measuring in our product, our teams, and our companies that would benefit us to look at. Product Owners need to be in a position to help see, understand, and explain all the different things that are being measured. If important things are not being measured, find some way to start.  Feedback: twitter - @deliveritcast email - Links: PO Coaching and Consulting - seek taiju Douglass Hubbard - How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of Intangibles in Business  Freakonomics - Will Work-from-Home Work Forever? (Ep. 464) A Solution to Podcast Note-Taking? Look to the Airr App  David Pereira - Agile manifesto is long gone! We need a product manifesto! Zach Bonaker - Truth, Lies, and Agile
  • Deliver It Cast podcast

    [127] - Escape the Sprint Bubble


    A common anti-pattern is when Product Owners are too focused on doing things only in the current iteration. Maarten Dalmijn has written a lot about teams and PO's that find themselves stuck in their sprint bubble and joins this episode to discuss some signs that you're stuck, some ideas to break out, and ways to make sure sure you don't find yourself there again.   Feedback: twitter - @deliveritcast email - Links: PO Coaching and Consulting - seek taiju Maarten Dalmijn - @mdalmijn on twitter - 14 Signs you’re working in a Scrum Feature Factory  Product Owners are great when their team doesn’t need them  How to escape your Scrum prison  Bill Skeet - If you Love Design, it’s Time to Stop Liking it  Kristen Berman - 4 ways a Behavioral Scientist can help PMs 
  • Deliver It Cast podcast

    [126] - Product at Gossip


    In this episode, you can hear a chat with Vitalik Demin the Chief of Product at Gossip, a voice-based social network app about how he became involved in the startup and how they are approaching all things product there. It's a great chance to hear how small start-ups get their initial product experiments and learnings done quickly, and what issues life throws at you as you try and get your product delivered to customers. Feedback: twitter - @deliveritcast email - Links: PO Coaching and Consulting - seek taiju Vitalik Demin - @VitalikGDemin on twitter - "What’s The Gossip App and Why I Love Building and Using It" Gossip App - First Round - Don’t Serve Burnt Pizza (And Other Lessons in Building Minimum Lovable Products) Marty Cagan - The CSPO Pathology  Adam Bennett - Effective steps you can take to create a winning product strategy
  • Deliver It Cast podcast

    [125] - Rethinking Teams


    Product Owners will have the most success working with well-formed and happy teams. Creating those teams requires a lot of people working together and figuring out how best to enable them to succeed. Teams and the thinking around them have evolved in the last few years so in this episode there's some new information, some common challenges, and suggestions for how to look at teams now. Feedback: twitter - @deliveritcast email - Links: PO Coaching and Consulting - seek taiju Team Topologies - GitLab - Embracing asynchronous communication  FASTAgile - Bob Galen - Elastic Teams  Melissa Perry - Product Thinking podcast with Jeff Patton Isaac Sacolick - 5 Powerful Digital Transformation Storytelling tips

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