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This is a podcast about sex where three sex positive friends - who also happen to be globally accredited coaches - share their own journey through  super sexy adventures and incredibly fulfilling sex lives.

By learning how to effectively communicate needs and desires to partners, we unlocked our own sexual energy, and our erotic lives have been completely transformed.

We have seen it all: we have been through marriages, kids, divorces, affairs, heartache, frustration, resentment… So we do know how it feels to be stuck and unfulfilled in a relationship.

But we’ve discovered an amazing new world of possibilities, where you can actually feel safe to fully express yourself sexually, guilt- and shame- free.

No matter if you’re single or coupled up, vanilla or spicy, this is where you’ll find the fuel for your sexy fire.

We believe we’ve found our holy grail. And we hope to inspire you to find yours too.


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