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E06 There’s No Shame In “Dirty” Fantasies: Here’s How Speaking Them Out Loud Can Transform Your Taboos Into Passion

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Almost everyone carries with them a sexual fantasy they don’t dare to share. We hesitate to reveal our desires, even to a loving partner, out of shame or fear of judgment.

Some fantasies are scenes you might like to live out for real. Others will remain sexy movies that we play just for ourselves. Either way, fantasies are erotic fuel – and their power multiplies if you find courage to voice them.

In this super-sexy episode, we made ourselves vulnerable by sharing with each other some fantasies that we had never revealed before. We explore what makes it hard to express desires that our conditioning labels weird or dirty. We reflect on how liberating it feels to take that leap of faith and be rewarded with love (and sexy opportunity!).

You’ll hear about public sex in kinky clubs, blindfolds and restraints, anonymous touch, and playing with multiple people. Perhaps, listening to us might inspire you or trigger a spicy conversation with your partner...


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01:17 Exploring The Unspoken Desires

03:25 The Allure and Limits of Fantasies

04:01 The Fantasy Of Being Taken… 

05:02 It's Shameful to Express Sexual Fantasies… NOT! 

05:51 Conditioning of Female Sexuality: Why Can't I Be A Slut??

07:28 Embracing and Expressing Fantasies: Playing Within a Group 

09:00 70 Virgins or 7 Sluts?

11:35 We All Have A Masculine And Feminine Side

15:44 It's Important For A Woman To Feel Respected And In Control

16:02 Anonymous Sex In A Club Anyone?

16:41 Another Spicy Fantasy: Tying a Woman up to a Pole in a Club

19:03 When Fantasies Become Real: Experience a Sex Positive Club!

24:09 The Power of Eye Contact in Erotic Spaces

25:44 10 Men Watching??

26:35 Voicing Your Fantasy Will Set You Free

28:10 Recap of Today’s Top 4 Learnings



Will is a psychologist,  journalist, entrepreneur, spin doctor, executive advisor and father. Today, Will works as a coach and retreat facilitator, following his vocation to help others unblock their lives and find meaning and happiness. Will is married to Chiara and could not possibly be happier.



Chiara is an ICF-certified professional Co-Active Coach® with a masters in business communication. She was a director for a tech pioneer where she led sales teams for 15 years. Today Chiara guides men and women to discover the power of their sexuality, reconnect with their bodies and embark on beautiful adventures in sensuality.



Allie is an experienced meditation coach, sound healer and yoga teacher. She works with individuals and couples to help them reduce stress, find emotional balance and foster self-awareness. Inspired by science and personal experience, she's on a mission to discover and share the best modalities to maintain an exciting sexual life.


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FREE BONUS CONTENT: Download our free guide “10 phrases to help you start deeper conversations with your partner”



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