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E02 Could “Cheating Together” Strengthen Your Relationship?

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In this episode we talk about how non-monogomy can strengthen relationships, contrary to what many people fear. You’ll learn something seemingly counterintuitive: how can adding more “bodies'' into a relationship strengthen a bond? 

We unpack concepts like open communication, trust, honest conversations, respecting boundaries, and navigating complex emotions together. 

Allie shares how she made her man’s fantasy come true by organizing a surprise birthday party, where he got to play with a bunch of naughty secretaries in his office… While you might get excited by the hot details, this story is actually a great example of how communication and trust made the whole experience even stronger.

We’ll give you the ins and outs of how to prioritize the couple’s intimacy, desire, and mutual pleasure while maintaining a strong emotional connection with each other.

We also talk about: personal growth, how sharing fantasies can help you increase trust, how to communicate that there is something wrong by processing information before making a scene, and how to ask for what you need.


02:49 Exploring Swinging: Strengthening Relationships Through Shared Experiences

04:18 Allie’s POV

04:18 The Power of Communication and Boundaries in Swinging

04:48 Unleashing Fantasies: The Journey of Sharing and Exploring Together

05:11 Chiara’s POV

06:48 The Best Birthday Present: A Naughty Fantasy Come True 

15:56 Will’s POV

21:06 Chiara’s View On Respect

21:13 Navigating Challenges and Emotions in Swinging

26:31 The Importance of Confidence and Teamwork in Swinging

28:59 Reflecting on Personal Growth and Relationship Dynamics

40:36 “We Don’t Need This” 

42:59 A Magical Connection When Sharing Pleasure and Intimacy



Will is a psychologist,  journalist, entrepreneur, spin doctor, executive advisor and father. Today, Will works as a coach and retreat facilitator, following his vocation to help others unblock their lives and find meaning and happiness. Will is married to Chiara and could not possibly be happier.



Chiara is an ICF-certified professional Co-Active Coach® with a masters in business communication. She was a director for a tech pioneer where she led sales teams for 15 years. Today Chiara guides men and women to discover the power of their sexuality, reconnect with their bodies and embark on beautiful adventures in sensuality.



Allie is an experienced meditation coach, sound healer and yoga teacher. She works with individuals and couples to help them reduce stress, find emotional balance and foster self-awareness. Inspired by science and personal experience, she's on a mission to discover and share the best modalities to maintain an exciting sexual life.


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